The New York Times calls The Sleeper a "first-rate thriller."

From the review: "The Sleeper begins on Sept. 11, 2001, when Kurt Kurtovic, a former Army Ranger and former Al Qaeda recruit who has abandoned both allegiances, is living placidly in Kansas. He is called in by the C.I.A. to thwart some new terror attacks, at an extremely high, eye-opening price. Where so many novels cloak their fears in humor or fantasy, the guise of the thriller similarly allows The Sleeper to be dismissed as mere entertainment. Almost. Mr. Dickey, a Newsweek correspondent who has reported widely on terrorism, has the facts to make this novel chilling as well as engrossing." -- Sept. 23, 2004

Audio: Hour-long interview with with Terri Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" about The Sleeper and the Middle East, Sept. 15, 2004

"If I were American, I'd give a lot of thought to the nature of awe. Because in the end, you know, that's all that protects you." -- from The Sleeper

Kurt Kurtovic wanted nothing more than to be left in peace, to make a life with his wife and child in Westfield, Kansas. Then September 11 happened and Kurt knew they'd never be safe again unless he did what only he could do, take terror to the terrorists. He knew their world, knew how they worked, knew their weak points. He knew, because he'd been one of them.

But as Kurt wages his bloody campaign, hunting down his former Al Qaeda comrades in Britain, Spain, and Africa, he becomes the hunted. And so do his wife and child back home. The most dangerous agents of terror, he discovers, are in the United States: those who don't want the wars to end; those who believe "we have waited thousands of years for Judgment Day, never knowing when it would come. But now we can put it on the calendar. We can fix a date." As a man-made apocalypse approaches, Kurt realizes that some of America's most ruthless enemies walk its corridors of power every day.

In the tradition of Graham Greene and John Le Carré, this hard-driving narrative of vengeance and redemption by one of America's most prescient writers on espionage and terror is a riveting thriller about the horrors of the recent past - and the dangers of the near future.

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