Christopher Dickey is a frequent guest commentator on radio and television, including National Public Radio, NBC's Today Show, CNN's Anderson Cooper and MSNBC. The subjects he has touched on range from the Arab Spring and the wars that followed, the occupation of Iraq, the NYPD, ongoing international terrorism and France's eccentric politics as well as his own tumultuous family background, the death of Princess Diana and the elections of both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. (See Commentary for a few video and audio clips.)

Chris frequently serves as a moderator at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and other international events. He has spoken at universities and colleges across the United States and Europe, among them Harvard University, New York University, Hamilton College, the University of Texas, Clemson University and the Claremont Colleges in the United States, as well as Sciences Po in France, Trinity College in Dublin and the University of Sheffied in the United Kingdom.

Chris has also addressed the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, as well as the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and numerous other organizations interested in U.S. policy overseas.

Because Chris works in Europe and the Middle East, he is only rarely able to arrange speaking engagements in the United States, but his next American tour is scheduled for early March 2014 and some bookings may still be available. For more information, please contact

Online texts of some earlier presentations:

"Fact, Fiction and Foreign Policy",
Los Angeles World Affairs Council, October 2004

"The Sharks in the Parlor",
Clemson University, September 2004

"Firebombings: From My Father's Wars to Mine",
Clemson University, October 2003