"In his engaging book, laced with humor, pathos and sensitivity, Mr. Dickey unveils this new Arabia, shaped by the sometimes creative, always skeptical tension between the Arab and the expatriate." -- Sandra Mackey, The New York Times Book Review

Expats came out in 1990, but continues to be available in paperback from The Atlantic Monthly Press. The most handsome edition was the one published in Britain in 1991 by The Fourth Estate. Its subtitle was changed from the ineffectually ironic "Travels in Arabia from Tripoli to Teheran" to the simpler "Travels from Tripoli to Teheran." The latter city, of course, is outside Arabia, but some of the expats who lived there never seemed to grasp that.

"Without question one of the best travel books of this or any other year." -- David Rieff, Los Angeles Times

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