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France 24: The World This Week 8 June 2011
In Syria, reports of a massacre near Hama: at least 55 people including women and children were shot or stabbed to death by government militias who then proceeded to burn their bodies. Is this a turning point in the Syrian crisis?

France 24: Four more years: Will a re-elected Obama be emboldened? 8 November 2012
After winning re-election, Barack Obama might just have a stronger hand as he negotiates a deal on the country's debt. So argues François Picard's panel, which points to a US election vote that favoured moderates over hardliners.

France 24: The World This Week, 26 October 2012 Don't mess with Texas and don't send international observers to monitor the upcoming US presidential election. Also, the Emir of Qatar's Gaza visit, Berlusconi's swansong and when there's an earthquake in Italy, blame the seismologists.

France 24: Obama 1 - 1 Romney, 18 October 2012 Barack Obama rebounds in the second presidential debate, partly thanks to Mitt Romney's "whole binders full of women" remark, but uncertainty abounds in the homestretch of a race where both candidates look to energise their own supporters and convince the shrinking sliver of undecided voters. Video: State Heard Libya Attack 'Minute By Minute', 22 October 2012 1:00 AM EDT The big questions about Benghazi

Audio: BBC World This Weekend, 13 October 2012 Talking w/ Lindsey Hilsum and Julian Worricker on BBC World Weekend Talking Nobel (EU?), sexism in Australia, Turkey's Syria problem, US Decline (I say no), Muslim comedy (hilarious) (NOTE: The BBC put a time limit on this clip. It expires on October 19.)

France 24, The World This Week, 5 October 2012 The Syria spillover becomes all too real for Turkey, but how far can retaliation go when Ankara's already actively serving as rear base for Syria's rebellion? Also, the run on Iran's currency, Obama flops at the first presidential debate, and 50 years of James Bond and the Beatles. Craig Copetas, Correspondent-at-large, Quartz/The Atlantic Group; Claude Guibal, Senior Correspondent, France Culture; Christopher Dickey, Newsweek Paris Bureau Chief / Mideast Editor; Paul Taylor, European Affairs Editor, Reuters. Part 1: Part 2:

See, particularly, the segment of conversation beginning about 7:30 minutes into the broadcast where I talk about shouting fire in a crowded world, and the clash of cynicisms:

Video: France24, The World This Week, 14 September 2012 A Friday of rage across the Muslim world follows the September 11th killing of the US ambassador to Libya, but how significant are the protests and how much of an impact will they have on the US presidential race? Also, the Germans buy more time for the euro and China's heir apparent goes missing. NPR'S "ON POINT" An hour-long discussion about events in Libya and the Arab world. I note the principle that shouting fire in a crowded theater is not protected by free speech and raise the question of how to deal with those who shout fire in a crowded world. This provoked some lively reaction, including hundreds of comments on the "On Point" site.

VIDEO Christopher Dickey: 'We've Got a World of Trouble' September 12, 2012 04:21 PM EDT As the attacks in Egypt and Libya confront Americans with a roiling Middle East, Paris bureau chief and Middle East editor Christopher Dickey joins MSNBC Live host Thomas Roberts...

Audio: French-American Foundation Webinar: France's shift to the left and the prospects for change, 21 June 2012 The French-American Foundation welcomed Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief of Newsweek magazine, for a webinar to discuss the new balance of political power and how the new French government promises to change the political life and policies of France and Europe. Mr. Dickey explored a number of topics, including the economy, France's international policy, and social issues.

Video: France 24 The World This Week, 22 June 2012 Talking Egypt, Syria, Euro, Marijuana in Uruguay (in 2 parts)

Audio: BBC World Service Radio: The World Today Weekend: 14 July 2012 (0700 GMT) Paul Henley is joined by Caroline Daniel of the FT and Christopher Dickey of Newsweek

Video: France 24: The World This Week - 13 July 2012 The UK tabloid press sizes up France's new president and focuses on his height (1m70) but the joke could be on François Hollande's hosts: when the French leader warns of a multi-speed Europe, does it mean an eventual divorce between Britain and Europe?

Video on France24 Debate: Romney stirs controversy on bumpy foreign trip, 1 August 2012 Gaffe-prone, wannabe or savvy statesman, Western media has slammed Mitt Romney's tour of American allies, but US opinion polls tell a different story. Laura Baines and her panel discuss the Republican candidate's choice of destinations and what they mean. (Warning: Some of this debate with a Republican spokesman and an Israeli analyst verges on the surreal.)

France24 Video: The Debate - The World This Year 25 December 2010
As the end of the year approaches, France 24 summarises the most important events of 2010. From the earthquake in Haiti to the economic crisis in Europe, from Obama's defeat in the mid-term elections to the WikiLeaks phenomenon, we revisit 2010.
Part I
Part II

France24 Video: The Debate - France-USA: a high-maintenance friendship? 20 December 2010
Cyril Vanier interviews Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief of Newsweek; Gregory Viscusi, Reporter for Bloomberg; Richard Beardsworth, Professor of Political Philosophy at the American University of Paris (AUP); and Paul Vallet, Professor of International Relations at Sciences Po and American Graduate School in Paris.

France24 Video: Sarkozy: the view from abroad 20 December 2010
Cyril Vanier interviews Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief of Newsweek; Gregory Viscusi, Reporter for Bloomberg; Richard Beardsworth, Professor of Political Philosophy at the American University of Paris (AUP); and Paul Vallet, Professor of International Relations at Sciences Po and American Graduate School in Paris.

France24: Talking Points -- French Presidency: Strauss-Kahn's tough call
As France convulsed in strikes and protests against pension reform last month, president Sarkozy's approval rating slipped below 30%. That prompted renewed media speculation that his great rival Dominique Strauss-Kahn might challenge him in the 2012 Presidential Election.

France24: Looking ahead a year in French politics: Who will run for president?
Part 2

Podcast: Your Ears Only, Terror Plots in Europe 2 October 2010

France24 Video, France: A real terrorist threat? 20 September 2010
A discussion with former anti-terror judge Jean-Louis Bruguière

France24 Video Top Story: Ground zero mosque debate heats up 17 August 2010
In New York, a row is growing over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero, where 3000 people died in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. President Barack Obama has waded into the controversy.

Video, France24: French hostage: Al Qaeda group claims killing 26 July 2010
An Al-Qaeda affiliate group in the Sahara says it killed the French hostage to avenge a deadly but failed rescue raid. To discuss this issue, Annette Young interviews Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Regional Editor for Newsweek.

Video, France24: THE WORLD THIS WEEK Friday, July, 23th (part 2)
Mr. Cameron goes to Washington and all they talk about is BP, the more-or-less stressful stress tests of Europe’s banks, and Colombia’s outgoing president not exactly best friends forever with his Venezuelan counterpart… it’s all in The World This Week. Joining François Picard are Liz Alderman of the International Herald Tribune, Newsweek Paris bureau chief Christopher Dickey, Sunday Telegraph columnist Anne-Elizabeth Moutet and freelance reporter Célestine Bohlen.

France24 Video: Almost unrecognisable: Iraq as you've never seen it before 8 July 2010
It's hard to believe it's part of the same country; Iraqi Kurdistan bears little resemblance to the Iraq that was not long ago a bloody battlefield. Instead, this area looks more like a town in the United States, and with its American Village development, it's meant to. Christopher Dickey comments on the France24 correspondent's report.

Audio: WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show: Running the Blockade 3 June 2010
Diplomatic tensions continue to rise over Israel's raid on the flotilla of ships seeking to bypass the blockade of Gaza. New York Times Istanbul bureau chief Sabrina Tavernise and Christopher Dickey, Middle East regional editor for Newsweek and author of Securing the City: Inside America's Best Counterterror Force - The NYPD, report on the aftermath.

Audio: NPR/WBUR OnPoing: Gaza, Israel, and Flotilla Fallout 2 June 2010
Gaza's and Israel's bloody encounter with a relief flotilla in the Mediterranean. Host Tom Ashbrook talks with Christopher Dickey and others, looking at the clash and the fallout.

Video: France24 Debate: Gaza Flotilla - Part 1: What happened? 1 June 2010
Thirty-six hours after the deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla of ships the outrage continues with both the Israeli government and the aid groups each telling their tale. With Christopher Dickey and others. What really happened? Where did it go wrong?

Video: France24 Debate: Gaza Flotilla: Part 2: What next? 1 June 2010
As attention turns to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, one of the first consequences of the raid was Egypt quietly reopening its sealed border with Gaza. What next for Israel's standing in the world? For Gaza? And for the future of Middle East peace talks? With Christopher Dickey and others.

France24 English: Obama's Presidency transformed?
Have we just witnessed a watershed in Barack Obama's presidency? Has his successful navigation of healthcare reform through Congress paved the way for a more assertive presidency both at home and abroad?

France24 Video: Iraq elections: a milestone or a muddle? 8 March 2010
Over the weekend, millions of Iraqis turned out to vote for a new government. This all despite a wave of bombings that left some 38 people dead. These polls are viewed as a crucial test for Iraq's national reconciliation process ahead of a planned withdrawal by American military forces. Now attention is turning to who will be the winners and the losers.

Audio: WNYC - The Brian Lehrer Show: Zazi Turf War? 29 September 2009
In the arrest of Najibullah Zazi in a terror plot, the NYPD may have stepped on a federal investigation. James Gordon Meek, Daily News senior correspondent, updates the latest. And Chris Dickey, Newsweek’s Paris bureau chief and the author of Securing the City: Inside America's Best Counterterror Force--The NYPD, provides some context to NYPD/FBI relations, and Bloomberg’s approach to counterterrorism in general.

Audio: WNYC: New York-Denver Terror Investigation Widens 23 September 2009

Video: France24 Top Story: Obama's Middle East Agenda 29 May 2009
Barack Obama's drive to negotiate a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians stepped up another gear in Washington when he met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Video: AlJazeera English, Empire: Sarkozy's French Paradox 27 May 2009
A two-part panel discussion with Marwan Bishara, Eric Chevalier, Edwy Plenel and Anne Marie Gloannec.

Fox News Video, Hannity: "Lives on the Line," 22 May 2009
A straight report on NYPD counterterror operations that draws heavily on "Securing the City" and a long interview with Dickey at the site of the failed 1997 suicide bomb plot in Brooklyn. The report was finished before the recent arrest of "Bronx bombers," but there are some relevant sidelights on that case, especially about the Intelligence Division's efforts to penetrate "groups of guys."

Video: The Paula Gordon Show, "Confronting Terror," on YouTube and Podcast, taped in February.

Video: KHOU Houston report on terrorism in Texas including an interview with Christopher Dickey.

In Spanish, a major piece in the Sunday supplement of the Barcelona daily "ABC"
Christopher Dickey: Peliculas Como Godzilla Inspiran a Al Qaida.

Audio on NPR "Fresh Air": Intelligence The NYPD Way
Dave Davies, sitting in for Terri Gross, interviews Christopher Dickey about "Securing the City."

France 24 video: Gaza: a war without reporters? Part 1 | Part 2 13 January 2009
Why ban the press and to what end? Hundreds of journalists are demanding a proper answer to this question as they report on the war from Israel, unable to cross the border into Gaza.

NPR On Point audio: Hillary Clinton Center Stage 13 January 2009
Gaza. Iraq. Iran. Afghanistan. New powers. Old foes. And then there's Bill Clinton and his web of ties. We're talking about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and listening in on her confirmation hearing.

France 24 Video: Sarkozy Leads Gaza Peace Bid 5 January 2009
Nicolas Sarkozy is in the Middle East trying to persuade Israeli and Arab leaders to accept a truce.

Audio: The Brian Lehrer Show 30 December 2008
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak declared "an all-out war against Hamas." Chris Dickey, Middle East regional editor for Newsweek, analyzes the escalating violence in Gaza.

Video: "What Role For Egypt in Gaza" France24 30 December 2008
Egypt has come under a barrage of criticism from the Arab world for its collusion with Israel over the Gaza siege. What is its real role in this ongoing conflict?

March 2, 2007: NEWSWEEK'S Christopher Dickey on what Saudi Arabia hopes to gain from talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Video: Jon Groat)

December 14, 2006: NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey revisits the route--and the decisions--that led Princess Diana to the Paris tunnel where she died


Audio: BBC News Hour-Al Qaeda at Twenty, 5 July 2008, 1300 hours GMT The panel discussion with Julian Marshall, Paul Cruickshank and Abdelwahab el-Effendi begins about 33 minutes into the program. We look at the question of centralized command versus leaderless jihad, the role of ideology, and other issues. If that link does not work, you can try the "Listen Again" page for Saturday at 1300, NPR Audio: "Here and Now" about "The Orphan Debacle in Chad" 31 October 2007

Washington Post Radio: Christopher Dickey on Diana's Accidental Death 14 Dec 2006

Newsweek On Air: Hillary v. Obama, The World and the War, Fighting Addiction, The Environment and Political Cartoonists
A brief segment with Chris toward the end of the "World and the War" segment.

Video: Final Journey 14 Dec 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey revisits the route--and the decisions--that led Princess Diana to the Paris tunnel where she died

Newsweek On Air: Iraq: Waiting for Baker and Gates 3 Dec 2006
NEWSWEEK's Jeffrey Bartholet and Christopher Dickey join Larry Diamond, author of 'Squandered Victory: The American Occupation and the Bungled Effort to Bring Democracy to Iraq

CBS Evening News Interview: 'Royal' Leader In France? 19 Nov 2006
After a couple of long advertisements, there's an excellent Sheila Macvicar piece about the comely presidential contender, Segolene Royal, which includes clips from an interview with a very tired looking me.

Newsweek On Air: Dickey: Mideast Crisis 7 August 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey on the Mideast crisis

Newsweek On Air: Is Osama bin Laden Dead? 23 Sept 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey on an unconfirmed report that the Al Qaeda leader may be sick, dying or deceased.

Newsweek On Air:Attack in Damascus 12 Sept 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey on who may have been behind the raid on the U.S. Embassy in the Syrian capital and how it could affect the region.

Newsweek On Air:Mideast II: Diplomacy, Defiance, Destruction 23 July 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey and Lally Weymouth; and Arafat Jamal, Beirut team leader, UNHCR

Newsweek On Air: Mideast Diplomacy 18 July 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey assesses the efforts to stop the conflict between Israel and Hizbullah--and whether Iran will play a role

Newsweek On Air: Dickey: Mideast Crisis 17 July 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey discusses new developments in the Mideast conflict.

Newsweek On Air: Hizbullah: Inside Lebanon & the U.S. 21 August 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey, Michael Isikoff.

Newsweek On Air:Lebanon: Israel's Iraq 30 July 2006
Newsweek's Christopher Dickey; Donald Abenheim, Hoover Institution

Newsweek On Air: End of Hizbullah?16 July 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey discusses Arab reaction to the Lebanese group's 'miscalculation' in attacking Israel.

Newsweek On Air: After Zarqawi II 12 June 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey; Frank Gaffney, President, Center for Security Policy, author of "War Footing"

Newsweek News Minute Audio: Nour Appeal Denied 18 May 2006
NEWSWEEK'S Christopher Dickey reports on how Egypt's decision to keep opposition leader Ayman Nour in jail will affect the country's volatile political situation.

Newsweek News Minute Audio: Revisiting 911 16 May 2006
Newly released images show American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon. Will it end the conspiracy theories?

Newsweek News Minute Video: Egypt's Troubled Times 15 May 2006
NEWSWEEK'S Christopher Dickey on rising political tensions in Cairo.

Newsweek Video: 'Shaky Situation,'
One of Newsweek's new "News Minutes," looks at the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Audio: Fresh Air from WHYY 23 Feb 2006
Christopher Dickey on Hamas, Protests, and Iran. A new Hamas-led government; protests against cartoons of Muhammad; a re-started nuclear program in Iran: It's a busy time for journalists...

Video: Voices From Davos 28 Jan 2006
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey talks to delegates at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort.

Podcast: WNYC - The Brian Lehrer Show: TorturState of the Nation 19 January 2006
Q & A with listeners on New York's NPR station. The other guest is Mike Scheuer, author of "American Hubris."

Podcast: State of the Nation - Newsweek On Air - 19 January 2006
A conversation about this week's Shadowland column looking the apparent Predator attack in Pakistan and Bin Laden.

Audio: Jordan Attacked,
Christopher Dickey discusses the likely masterminds and how the blasts could affect the kingdom.

Newsweek On Air: , 6 November 2005
Podcast: The Real Lessons of Judy Miller's Case 20 October 2005

Video: A Potentially Explosive Story, 24 June 2005
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey reports on his visit to the site of Abu Omar's abduction.

Video: 'An Inspiring Moment', 8 April 2005
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey reports from the funeral of John Paul II

Video: Line for the Ages, 7 April 2005
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey reports on the long wait to see the body of John Paul II

Video: 'About to Die,' 2 April 2005
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey reports from the Vatican on the last day in the life of Pope John Paul II

Video: 'Few Signs of Hope', 1 April 2005
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey reports on the pope's deteriorating condition Video: 'A Tranquil Night' 25 February 2005
NEWSWEEK's Christopher Dickey reports from the Vatican on the pope's surgery

Audio: "The Sleeper" 15 September 2004
An hour with Terri Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" talking about the new novel, terrorism and the current situation in Iraq.

Audio: Invasion, Occupation, Liberation, 28 March 2003
NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross

Audio: NPR "Talk of the Nation", 11 December 2002
Call-in about Atta's 'Hood

Audio: Saddam, the US, and the Inspectors, 18 September 2002
NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross

Audio: Life and Death in the Middle East, 2 April 2002
NPR's "Fresh Air" interview with Terry Gross

Audio: The humiliation of Gen. Wesley Clark, August 1999
NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross (The last segment on the show)

Audio: "Summer of Deliverance", September 1998
NPR's "Fresh Air"

Audio: "Summer of Deliverance", September 1998
NPR's "All Things Considered"

Audio: "Innocent Blood", August 1997
NPR's "Talk of the Nation"