"The federal government has much to learn from the leadership culture and street work of the N.Y.P.D., as Christopher Dickey's penetrating reporting makes clear.
-Steve Coll, Ghost Wars

New York Times Notable Book of the Year"

"Reads like a thriller, and carries the authority of solid reporting."
Journalism Review

"New York Times Notable Book of the Year"

"A heartbreaking, eloquent memoir by the son of the heartbreaking, eloquent poet, James Dickey."
-Elizabeth Hardwick

"Powerful, lethal, downright breathtaking in its range, Innocent Blood is the best novel I can imagine about America right now -- and the cost of forgetting how we got here."
-Joan Didion

"Without question one of the best travel books of this or any other year."
-David Rieff,
Los Angeles Times

The New York Times calls The Sleeper a "first-rate thriller." Dickey, "who has reported widely on terrorism, has the facts to make this novel chilling as well as engrossing."