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Newsweek: How the U.S. Can Save Syria 10 December 2012
With Bruce Riedel, Les Gelb, Rula Jebreal and others

The Daily Beast: 'We're Not Going Back' 4 December 2012
Despite Egypt's chaos and Syria's bleak outlook, Condoleezza Rice says 'we can't lose hope'

The Daily Beast: DSK, Maid Said to Reach Settlement 30 November 2012
The agreement ends Nafissatou Diallo's lawsuit against the IMF ex-chief and his countersuit, the New York Times and AP report

Newsweek: David Petraeus Scandal -- The Fall of a General 17 November 2012
Written by Dan Klaidman and Gail Sheehy with contributions by Christopher Dickey and others

The Daily Beast: The End of Absolute Monarchy 14 November 2012
Riots erupt in Jordan, threatening one of Washington's most important allies in the Middle East.

The Daily Beast: Crossing the Rubicon in Syria 11 November 2012
A new opposition coalition looks likely to win Western support, but can it win the war? Christopher Dickey on the umbrella organization that may change the battle against Assad.
(Written before Mouaz al-Khatib had been elected the leader of the new coalition)

The Daily Beast: Europeans React to Obama Win 7 November 2012
Another four years? 'Meh,' say people in Paris. By Christopher Dickey (Actually, the people and the article were a little more enthusiastic than the headline)

The Daily Beast: Unmentioned and Unmentionable: What Romney Left Out 23 October 2012
In their final debate, both candidates' message on foreign affairs was clear: let's change the subject. Jordan, Lebanon, Europe—even Libya—were off the table. This is a big mistake, writes Christopher Dickey.

Newsweek: The Truth Behind the Benghazi Attack 22 October 2012
The blow-by-blow of the killing of Ambassador Stevens and the attack on the CIA outpost.
With Jamie Dettmer in Benghazi and Eli Lake in Washington

The Daily Beast: The Return of Christine Lagarde, the Trillion-Dollar Woman 16 October 2012
Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, is once again trying to pull Europe back from the brink.

The Daily Beast: New York Terror Plot: Why Target the Fed? 18 October 2012
by Dan Gross with a contribution from Christopher Dickey
First he targeted the stock exchange, the U.S. says. But then the Bangladeshi whose bomb plot was foiled yesterday turned his aim to the New York Fed. Daniel Gross on the damage that could have been done.

Newsweek: Maajid Nawaz: The Repentant Radical 15 October 2012
A former extremist warns of a resurgent al-Qaeda. But who is this man, Maajid Nawaz?
From the article: This Pakistani-British kid Maajid Nawaz started identifying with hip-hop groups like Public Enemy and N.W.A, moving from "F--k tha police" to "F--k all y'all," from "rebellious rap to political rap to political activism," as Nawaz puts it, and then to Islam—or, rather—Islamism. And if that sounds like an odd transition, it's not. "I am no longer—I never was—-devout," says Nawaz. The movement that attracted him was "a political revolution with religious connotations rather than a religious one with political ones." The point for many young jihadists, driven by testosterone and the hunger for a certain kind of fame, is not so much to worship Allah, but, yeah, to f--k all y'all.

Daily Beast Column: Romney's Living in a Fantasy Land 9 October 2012
Romney's foreign-policy speech was a dramatic throwback to the glory days of the Cold War. Unfortunately, it was mostly nonsense. Christopher Dickey pokes holes in the candidate's vision.

The Daily Beast: A Petty Criminal Sparks a Meltdown September 14, 2012
Meth-cooker Nakoula Bassely Nakoula's low-budget movie denigrating the Prophet Muhammad has led to anti-American protests in the Middle East and a manhunt in Libya, but the unrest is fueled as much by politics in each country as by religious fury.

The Daily Beast:Diplomatic Fury September 12, 2012
Amb. Chris Stevens was killed by an act of senseless violence—and now Obama has an impossible task ahead. By Christopher Dickey.

Daily Beast Column: Syria Safe Haven? Bad Idea 1 September 2012
Christopher Dickey on the strategy's disappointing and dangerous record.

Flashback - Newsweek: A Nation In The Valley Of The Three Frontiers issue date 5 May 1991
Fred Cuny and others creating a safe haven for Kurds in Iraq

Daily Beast News Item: Earthquake Shakes the Philippines 31 August 2012
Most tsunami warnings were canceled, but the damage's extent isn't clear, says Christopher Dickey.

Flashback - Newsweek: Time to Brace for the Next 9/11 4 September 2011
The biggest threat to America isn't terrorism. It's the wrath of Mother Nature.

Flashback - Newsweek: Horror in the Night issue date 7 September 1997 (published 1 September 1997)
The death of Princess Diana reported from the scene

The Daily Beast:The Savage Wars Of Peace August 16, 2012
Christopher Dickey on why calls for military intervention in Syria should be resisted.

The Daily Beast:Nights of Rage in France August 14, 2012
Christopher Dickey on whether the French riots will spread.

The Daily Beast:Syria: There Goes The Neighobrhood August 10, 2012
Christopher Dickey on the threat of the Syrian war to neighboring states.

Daily Beast Column: How Iran's Spies Are Losing the Shadow War With U.S. and Israel 7 August 2012
In Syria and around the world, Iran's covert operatives are in trouble. (The vitriolic comments on this one are a little hard to follow, I confess.)

Shadowland Journal: NYPD: Suspected Iranian and/or Hezbollah-linked Plots against Israeli or Jewish Targets: 2012 Chronology 18 July 2012

Newsweek: Manaf Tlass—Our Man in Syria? 6 August 2012
by Christopher Dickey and Mike Giglio
Who is Manaf Tlass and why do western and regional powers pin their hopes on him?
(This is from Newsweek International. A shorter version ran in the US Newsweek)

Newsweek: New York's New Tech Hub 30 July 2012
Will New York's latest dream spawn the next Mark Zuckerberg?
(The unique partnership among NY's City Hall, Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.)

Newsweek Magazine: Architect Rem Koolhaas and the Next World Wonder 16 July 2012br> When the Olympics hits the airwaves, Beijing will be broadcasting them from this new $900 million architectural masterpiece.

Newsweek International: Will Libya be an Arab Spring Success Story? 16 July 2012
Libya has new leadership—and oil. Now it just needs to unify.

Newsweek International: Sky Cities: Imagining the Airport of the Future as Destination 9 July 2012

Newsweek International: A Game of Thrones in Saudi Arabian Succession Plans 25 June 2012
Succession plans in Saudi Arabia give stability, for now.

A Daily Beast Column with Video: The Forgotten Lives of Refugees 19 June 2012
Christopher Dickey talks to António Guterres, the United Nations' high commissioner for refugees, about the world's desperate, dispirited, and displaced.

Newsweek: Ray Kelly's NYPD Battles with the FBI 11 June 2011
The New YorkCity Police Commissioner is beating the enemy--if only the feds don't get in his way.

A Daily Beast column: After the Queen's Jubilee, a Sobering Summer 8 June 2011
The collapse of Greece. Elections in Cairo. Venus in transit. While Britain partied, the rest of the world continued to fall apart. Why the worst is yet to come.

Newsweek International: Quants, Derivatives, and the Myth of the Rogue Trader 21 May 2011
Their teacher tried to tell them they were headed for trouble, but high on risk and volatility, the Quants of France didn't listen.

Newsweek: Ibrahim al-Asiri: The Body Bomb Menace 14 May 2011
with Dan Klaidman A secret report obtained by Newsweek lays out the diabolical plans of al Qaeda's bomb guru: evading airport scanners by surgically implanting explosives in a terrorist's love handles.

The Daily Beast: Obama: Pay Attention to Europe 8 May 2012
As this weekend's elections showed, mainstream parties are losing ground to extreme politicians. (Includes a video: Flowers on the Walls of Paris: Memories of War and Questions about European Unity)

The Daily Beast: Sarkozy Gets the Boot May 6, 2012
How the Socialist Francois Hollande won--and why his anti-austerity mandate may not hold up.

The Daily Beast: Can Sarkozy Pull Off a Win? May 4, 2012
The trails Hollande ahead of Sunday’s vote, but many believe the incumbent can’t lose.

The Daily Beast: François Hollande Apr 30, 2012
Would he really be a ‘dangerous’ leader?

The Daily Beast: France’s Woman in the Wings Apr 23, 2012
Marine Le Pen is well positioned to emerge even stronger in the 2017 elections.

The Daily Beast: Four Ways Sarko Got Screwed Apr 22, 2012
The French president survived Sunday’s vote.

The Daily Beast: Does Sarko Miss DSK? Apr 16, 2012
Why the libertine would have been an ideal opponent.

The Daily Beast: The Usual (Islamist) Suspects Apr 4, 2012
In a crackdown after Toulouse, France arrested 10 suspected Islamic radicals.

The Daily Beast: Sarkozy’s Terror Gambit Mar 30, 201
Why playing to voters' fears after Toulouse may not help the tough-talking incumbent.

The Daily Beast: The Maid Will Have Her Day in Court May 1, 2012
Nafissatou Diallo will again have a chance to fight for her dignity.

The Daily Beast: A Wrench in the DSK Conspiracy Theory Apr 29, 2012
Edward Jay Epstein suggested it--but now he’s backpedaling.

Newsweek International: Why DSK Would Have Been Sarkozy's Ideal Opponent 16 April 2012
Why the libertine would have been an ideal opponent.

The Daily Beast: France Arrests the Usual (Islamist) Suspects 4 April 2012
In a crackdown after the Toulouse shootings, France arrested 10 suspected Islamic radicals. By concealing past mistakes, the nation may be hindering investigations, writes Christopher Dickey. (Update: All of those arrested were later released for lack of evidence.)

The Daily Beast: Death in New York of French Educator Richard Descoings Treated as Suspicious 4 April 2012
Vague echoes of the Strauss-Kahn affair are unlikely to tarnish the reputation of Richard Descoings, director of Sciences Po in Paris. Found dead in a Manhattan hotel room Tuesday, he's considered a possible suicide. (Will update when toxicology report arrives. Dominant theory at the moment is accidental death resulting from a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs.)

Newsweek: The Americans Who Witnessed the Rise of the Nazis 2 April 2012
The story of the Americans who cavorted with the Nazis.

The Daily Beast: France Arrests the Usual Islamist Suspects 4 April 2012
In the most recent crackdown after the Toulouse shootings, France arrested 10 suspected Islamic radicals this morning. By concealing past mistakes, the nation may be hindering investigations, writes Christopher Dickey.

The Daily Beast: Death in New York of French Educator Richard Descoings Treated as Suspicious 4 April 2012
Vague echoes of the Strauss-Kahn affair are unlikely to tarnish the reputation of Richard Descoings, director of Sciences Po in Paris. Found dead in a Manhattan hotel room Tuesday, he's considered a possible suicide.

Newsweek: The Americans Who Witnessed the Rise of the Nazis 2 April 2012
A book review of Andrew Nagorski's "Hitlerland," the story of the Americans who who watched the rise of the Third Reich up close and personal.

The Daily Beast Lagarde: Don't Underestimate Italy 9 March 2012
The IMF head praised Italian P.M. Mario Monti as a beacon of hope in the global economy, but few others in the old boys' club of finance received such paeans as she argued that women are less inclined to take risks.

Newsweek & The Daily Beast: Asma al-Assad's Retail Therapy 5 March 2012
Glamorous and smart, she was a darling of the Western press—until her dictator husband crossed the line. Leaked intimate emails show the strain of Syria's unrest on its first lady.

The Daily Beast: Marie Colvin: A Legendary Reporter Killed in Syria 22 February 2012
Marie Colvin, who was killed by Syrian shelling in Homs today, put her life at risk to report on atrocities from Sri Lanka to Baghdad. Her friend Christopher Dickey remembers her tenacity.

The Daily Beast: America Welcomes Yemen Elections, Remains Wary of al Qaeda's Influence 21 February 2012
The country's elections herald a tentative first step toward democracy—but the U.S. remains wary of al Qaeda's growing influence in the region.

The Daily Beast: Dominique-Strauss Kahn's Stinky New Scandal 21 February 2012
The man the tabloids called Pepé Le Pew was questioned today over his alleged role in a prostitution ring. Christopher Dickey on why the former IMF chief isn't likely to be charged.

The Daily Beast: Greece's Sad Fairy Tale 21 February 2012
With the latest bailout deal, Greece's economic tragedy verges on black comedy.

National Geographic: Marseille's Melting Pot March 2012
As more European countries become nations of immigrants, is Marseille a vision of the future?

The Daily Beast: Anthony Shadid, The Middle East's Great Voice of Reason Dies 18 February 2012
Anthony Shadid was one of the great rational voices in the maelstrom of hate that is the Middle East. Christopher Dickey on his tragic passing.

Daily Beast Column: Greece's Reckless Behavior Has Europe Fed Up 15 February 2012
Signs are mounting that the euro zone is fed up with Greece's inability to get its fiscal act together--and is insulating itself against a potential default.

Newsweek: Obama's Dangerous Game With Iran 13 February 2012
Can the president keep nukes out of the mullahs' hands, prevent the global economy from imploding, manage the wild card that is Israel--and get reelected? (Christopher Dickey contributed to this article by Dan Klaidman, Eli Lake and Dan Ephron with Ross Schneidermann)

Newsweek Issues 2012: Why the Arab Spring Is Here to Stay 17 December 2011
No matter how desperately the remnants of the old regimes may try, the Arab awakening cannot be reversed. Here's why.

Newsweek: An Arab Spring Update of Orwell's "Animal Farm," 12 Dec 2011
It's a shame George Orwell didn't live to see the Arab Spring. We can only imagine the tale he would have written.

Newsweek: Is a Doctor From Florida Joran van der Sloot's New Conquest? 12 Dec 2011
The Dutch sociopath accused of murder sits in a dirty Peruvian prison awaiting trial. Has he just charmed another victim?

The Daily Beast: The O Word: Christopher Dickey on What Occupation Means Today 6 Dec 2011
Terrorists and freedom fighters the world over claim they are up against foreign occupation. But Americans find that idea hard to fathom—especially when we are the occupiers, says Christopher Dickey.

The Daily Beast Video: The Real Meaning of Occupation 1 Dec 2011
Occupation. It is a word spoken--and unspoken--that's at the center of the issues in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and, yes, Wall Street. But what does it really mean? And what is its significance? Christopher Dickey explains.

The Daily Beast: Why Dominique Strauss-Kahn Needs to Tell His Side of the Story 28 November 2011
As a new report feeds into rumors that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was set up, Christopher Dickey debunks the conspiracy theories—and says it's time for DSK to tell his side of the story.

Newsweek International: Does Egypt's Real Revolution Start Now? 27 November 2011
Getting rid of Mubarak was the easy part. Taking on Egypt's military leadership will be far more difficult.


Newsweek International: Does Egypt's Real Revolution Start Now? 27 November 2011
Getting rid of Mubarak was the easy part. Taking on Egypt's military leadership will be far more difficult.

Newsweek International: The Trouble With Technocrats 21 November 2011
Saving Italy -- and Europe and the USA -- from themselves will take more than number-crunching. Co-authored with Barbie Nadeau

Newsweek Photo Gallery: 'Big Brother is Watching You' 13 November 2011
In Syria, there's an Assad on every street corner

The Daily Beast: Firebomb Torches French Weekly, 2 November 2011
The burning of satirical French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo raises the specter of Muslim violence, and plays straight into the hands of the far right. Christopher Dickey reports.

The Daily Beast: Video clips from an onstage interview with former jihadi Maajid Nawaz at the ThinkFest in Goa, India 5 November 2011

The Daily Beast: The Years of Magical Writing 2 November 2011
Over the years, Christopher Dickey has come to love Joan Didion--her work, her soul, her humor--even the way she shields her despair. Here he writes on what the great author means for our inner lives with the release of her latest, Blue Nights.

MSNBC: Up With Chris Hayes 30 October 2011
Discussing everything from Occupy Wall Street to the European debt crisis, redistricting in Texas and liberal disillusionment (or not) with Barack Obama

Newsweek Cover: Condi's Freedom War 23 October 2011
Gaddafi's reign is over. Soon the U.S. exits Iraq. Was the toll worth it? In this week's Newsweek Condoleezza Rice talks to Christopher Dickey about the fight for democratic rights.

The Daily Beast: The Pornography of Terror Oct 1, 2011
The late, unlamented Anwar al-Awlaki was better at inspiring fantasies than attacks by 'homegrown' al Qaeda terrorists in America. Christopher Dickey says the danger comes not from the loners inspired by leaders like Awlaki but from our own overreaction.

Newsweek: Greece on the Skids Sep 25, 2011
The prime minister must remake his country. Fat chance.

Newsweek: Citizens, It's Down to You Sep 11, 2011
Tired of waiting for Washington? Good old American innovation is the answer.

The Daily Beast: Gore's Dire Weather Warning Sep 5, 2011
As a brutal hurricane season bears down, former Vice President Al Gore says there will be worse disasters ahead if we don't act soon--and when it comes to national security, Mother Nature is as fearsome as terrorists.

Newsweek: Time to Brace for the Next 9/11 5 September 2011
The biggest threat to America isn't terrorism. It's the wrath of Mother Nature.

Newsweek: How the DSK Case Unraveled 28 August 2011
The prosecutors saw the maid's story falling apart. But does that mean Strauss-Kahn was innocent?

The Daily Beast: DSK Maid's Lawyers Launch Civil Suit 8 August 2011
Nafissatou Diallo's attorneys depict a scene of physical confrontation and sexual violence characterized by even more 'depravity' than previously described.

The Daily Beast: The DSK Maid's Public Battle 28 July 2011
In search of a better life, she found herself embroiled in a case of alleged sexual assault by one of the world's most powerful men. As Nafissatou Diallo goes public, friends reveal new details.

Newsweek Cover: The Maid's Tale 24 July 2011
She was paid to clean up after the rich and powerful. Then she walked into Dominique Strauss-Kahn's room--and a global scandal. Now she tells her story.

The Daily Beast: DSK's Shocking New Accuser 19 July 2011
The mother of the writer accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape says she had "brutal" sex with the former IMF chief. Christopher Dickey on the saga's sordid new twist.

Newsweek Cover: Petraeus's Next Battle 17 July 2011
As top commander in Afghanistan, he rewrote the book on combating terror. Now, as spy chief, he must transform the CIA to help fight 21st-century wars. By John Barry with contributions by Christopher Dickey and John Solomon

The Daily Beast: DSK Maid Fights Back 6 July 2011
As prosecutors meet with Dominique Strauss-Kahn's lawyers today, those on his accuser's side are circling the wagons. Jesse Ellison and Christopher Dickey report

The Daily Beast: The Martyrdom of DSK 5 July 2011
As Dominique Strauss-Kahn strolls about New York with his mega-millionaire wife, his French friends declare him a victim of America's faulty judicial system. But, as Christopher Dickey reports, it's not over yet.

The Daily Beast: The Maid's Prison Connection 1 July 2011
Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser allegedly is in a romantic relationship with a mysterious Arizona inmate who has a reported penchant for fraud. No wonder her case is crumbling.

The Daily Beast: DSK Accuser's African Connection 1 July 2011
The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is crumbling. Was there a shakedown? A conspiracy? The answers will come from New York's West African community.

Newsweek: Union Jacked 26 June 2011
Amanda Foreman's New Civil War Book Echoes Today's Geopolitics

Newsweek: The Galliano Dossier 20 June 2011
Fashion's enfant terrible is about to have his day in court on charges that he hurled anti-Semitic insults in a Paris cafe. What made him snap? (With Tracy McNicoll)

Newsweek International: Flights of Imagination 20 June 2011
Trailblazing design teams are taking passenger comfort to a whole different plane.

The Daily Beast: The Invisible Man 14 June 2011
The fear of aging and being ignored affects the behavior of politicians like Anthony Weiner, stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger--and the rest of us, says Christopher Dickey.

Newsweek International: Intelligence Test 13 June 2011
With regimes falling across the Middle East, America's spies have lost one of their most valued allies in the war against the jihadists: dictators.

The Daily Beast: Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Not Guilty Plea 6 June 2011
Dominique Strauss-Kahn formally entered a plea of not guilty to sexual-assault charges in a Manhattan courtroom Monday, but the former IMF chief is under attack almost as much for who he is as for what he did.

The Daily Beast: Al Qaeda Commander Ilyas Kashmiri Killed in U.S. Predator Strike 4 June 2011
By Ron Moreau, Sami Yousafzai and Christopher Dickey In a major blow to the terrorist organization, a U.S. Predator strike in Pakistan killed one of al Qaeda's most active leaders, Ilyas Kashmiri, sources confirm to The Daily Beast. Plus, Newsweek's profile of Kashmiri.

Newsweek: To Catch a Creep 30 May 2011
How do you know who's lying and who's telling the truth about a rape? From no-name scoundrels to big-power suspects like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, these cops crack New York's most shocking sex crimes.

The Daily Beast: Three Women to Decide IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Sexual-Assault Case 17 May 2011
The rape case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn hinges on the testimony of three women: his daughter, the hotel maid he allegedly attacked, and a second alleged victim. Christopher Dickey reports from Paris.

The Daily Beast: Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Arrest and Political Fallout 15 May 2011
Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest in New York on Saturday for alleged criminal sexual assault may end his career at the IMF—and will transform the French presidential race.

The Daily Beast video, Dickey Chronicles: Galliano's Woes 10 May 2011
The designer, the Paris neighborhood where he went on his rant, and memories of the Holocaust around the corner.

The Daily Beast: The Next Terror Threat 6 May 2011
On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning suggesting Al Qaeda had contemplated attacks on U.S. railroads. Christopher Dickey on why bin Laden's death won't protect us from attacks—and the new breed of small scale, random terror threats that may be coming next

Newsweek Cover (special edition): A Decade on the Lam 6 May 2011
How much longer will Al Qaeda survive? Just look at all it took to hunt down its leader.

The Daily Beast: Why the U.S. Acted Alone 2 May 2011
Islamabad's Al Qaeda allies complicated the hunt for Public Enemy No. 1. Christopher Dickey on how the U.S. went over the heads of bin Laden's Pakistan protectors.

Dickey Chronicle: Tourism in Egypt 26 April 2011
Has tourism resumed in Egypt since the revolution? Newsweek/The Daily Beast's Christopher Dickey reports that tourism is down and asks foreigners if they feel safe in Cairo.

Newsweek: Photographs from the John G. Morris collection go up for auction
As far as luminaries go in the world of photography, John G. Morris is Olympian. As the London photo editor of Life magazine during World War II, Morris worked closely with the likes of Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson to publish now-iconic images of Europe besieged.

The Daily Beast: Obama's Middle East Head Spin 23 April 2011
The president's ineffectual statement on Friday's massacre in Syria is the latest act in a White House drama that began in 2009, starring a brilliant intellect who is nonetheless confounded by events. Christopher Dickey and John Barry on Obama’s flailing foreign policy—which appears headed for unmitigated disaster

The Daily Beast: Burqas, Bikinis, and BS 12 April 2011
The new French law against full-face veils is almost as dangerous as it is absur--and the cops charged with enforcing it know it. Christopher Dickey on the "masquerade."

The Daily Beast: Middle East Revolutions Off the Rails 10 April 2011
As Mideast revolts hit the skids, the West is naive to believe that, with a few power plays and diplomatic pleas, everything will calm down, argues Christopher Dickey. The Arab Spring won't end this year—or even this decade.

Newsweek/TheDailyBeast - Sarkozy: Statesman or Madman? 3 April 2011
An intimate look at the French president and his ties to the incestuous world of French intellectuals who helped launch the war in Libya. [This is a slightly shortened version of the piece that appears in the print magazine.]

Newsweek Magazine: "Drinking from a Fire Hose" 20 March 2011
In times of trouble, Obama often looks to his predecessors for guidance. In this week's Newsweek, Christopher Dickey and John Barry wonder amid such a pileup of disasters, crises, and wars, who’s the best model?

The Daily Beast: Obama's Last Chance on Libya 16 March 2011
As Gaddafi's forces advance unconstrained, taking yet another city from the rebels, President Obama is sacrificing his own ideals--and America-s security.

The Daily Beast column: Obama's Mistake in Libya 8 March 2011
Gaddafi loyalists are using air strikes, tanks, and cannon against rebels. Christopher Dickey on the West's cowardly response--and why a no-fly zone is a must.

Newsweek: Can Buy Me Love 7 March 2011
Before Libyans rose up against him, Muammar Gaddafi used money, and well-timed diplomatic overtures, to worm his way into the West's good graces. How Bush, Blair, and Berlusconi gave the brutal dictator a makeover.

Newsweek International: When Strongmen Become Straw Men 27 February 2011
The knock-on effect of the Arab uprising.

Newsweek: The Dictator Protection Plan 21 February 2011
Praetorian guards, family retainers, and torture: how despots stay in power and how the U.S. has helped them.

Newsweek: The Tragedy of Mubarak 14 February 2011
The Egyptian president had ruled for decades. Then his grandson died, and the unraveling began.

Newsweek: Among the Believers 7 February 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood stands up in Egypt.

Newsweek Cover: Rage Against the Regime 31 January 2011
From Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen, a youthful uprising is challenging the Arab world's rulers. But if the old order falls, what will take its place?
Written with Babak Dehghanpisheh and Mike Giglio. Beast: The Return of the Challenger 26 January 2011
Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei is headed back to Egypt despite direct threats against his life. On the eve of his return, the former U.N. official who is the Mubarak regime's most high-profile opponent shared his thoughts with Newsweek's Christopher Dickey about the young people who've taken to the streets, political Islam, and the role of the United States.

The Daily Beast: Lebanon's Dangerous Power Struggle 25 January 2011
Hezbollah's takeover in Beirut comes as unrest is sweeping Tunisia and Egypt, and though it's installed a Harvard-educated Sunni prime minister, it's a U.S.-designated terrorist organization that's not averse to war. Christopher Dickey reports.

Newsweek International Cover: A Dictator Dispatched 24 January 2011
President Ben Ali and his family ran a 'mafia state,' until an uprising drove them out. Are the rest of the Arab world's gangster governments under threat? With Babak Dehghanpisheh in Tunis.

Newsweek/Beast: Tunisia Riots: The Youth Revolution 14 January 2011
Riots have chased out the African nation's president, leaving the region's future in upheaval. Demographic shifts fomenting the Arab world's hunger for change.


Newsweek: Holbrooke in the Trenches 14 December 2010
The late envoy knew he was taking on mission impossible in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but that didn't stop him.
-- with Ron Moreau and Sami Yousafzai

Newsweek Cover Story: The Shadow War 13 December 2010
Someone is killing Iran's nuclear scientists. But a computer worm may be the scarier threat.
With R.M. Schneiderman, Babak Dehghanpisheh , Maziar Bahari, John Barry and Ronen Bergman

Newsweek International Cover: Not Dead Yet 5 December 2010 WikiLeaks show a United States with geopolitical muscle like no one else.

The Daily Beast: Storage Wars Is Hell--An American Tragedy 2 December 2010
A&E's new reality show goes through foreclosed storage units to find items to resell. Christopher Dickey reports on the unemployed victims whose lifelong possessions get trashed.

Shadowland: Fighting Words 28 November 2010
Transparency will be the first casualty of the WikiLeaks State Department revelations.

Newsweek: Spooking the Terrorists-- and Ourselves 27 November 2010
Arrest of Somali-American may tell us as much about the FBI as Al Qaeda.

Shadowland: And You Thought TSA Pat-Downs Were Bad... 24 November 2010
Terrorist bomb attempts could have resulted in much worse.

Newsweek:Better Angels and Killer Angels 10 November 2010
Obama should realize what Lincoln understood: that there may be better angels in the nature of some people, but there are others who are willing to weaken, even destroy a nation to serve their own self-righteous self-interest, and they will do it in the name of the Constitution.

Shadowland: Mood Music for Terrorists 2 November 2010
What if the parcel bombs from Yemen had actually gone off?

Newsweek International Cover: Could Dominique Strauss-Kahn Run France?... Or the World? 31 October 2010
Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on top of the world right now, but maybe that's not where he really wants to be. Almost by default, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund keeps accruing power in the midst of crisis.

Newsweek: Americans Grow Apathetic Over Foreign Policy 25 October 2010
Americans have forgotten the rest of the world. Nothing could make that clearer than the candidates running for election to the U.S. Congress and the Senate right now. If you watch the campaign ads, listen to the debates or the candidates themselves, Afghanistan barely figures, Iraq is history, the Middle East peace process a yawn.

Newsweek: Is Ilyas Kashmiri the New Bin Laden? 23 October 2010
Ilyas Kashmiri, 46, has the experience, the connections, and a determination to attack the West -- including the United States -- that make him the most dangerous Qaeda operative to emerge in years.

Shadowland: Time To Worry 15 October 2010
Al Qaeda plots to attack Europe may be just a prelude to new strikes in the U.S.

Newsweek International Cover: The Threat in Europe 11 October 2010
This is the text of the article that appeared in the print magazine overseas. It has been pasted under the same URL as earlier versions written for the Web and there is some overlap in content, but also a lot of new material.

Newsweek: Turn on the Red Light 3 October 2010
The State Department has issued a "travel alert" for Europe--underscoring the effect Muslim-bashing politicians have had on the terror threat on the continent.

Newsweek Online: The Coming Terror War 29 September 2010
Intelligence agencies have stepped up drone attacks in Waziristan, but the Taliban say they’re still plotting a big attack on the West.

Shadowland: Eat, Pray, Hate 9 September 2010
The threat to burn Qurans in Florida is a perfect example of the way America’s own Christian Taliban are creating, promoting, and exploiting our national paranoia.

Shadowland: Zero Tolerance at Ground Zero 25 August 2010
The terrorist history of a Catholic priest in Northern Ireland -- and the reaction of his victims -- ought to serve as a lesson about how to overcome bigotry.

Shadowland: Sarkozy's Right-Wing Rubicon 17 August 2010
In his effort to exploit public fears, the French president is courting extremists.

Newsweek International: Happiness Is... 16 August 2010
The GDP measures everything except that which makes life worthwhile.

Shadowland: Power and Light 28 July 2010
Getting Iraqis and Afghans on the grid could have helped build peace, but the Americans couldn't quite deliver.

Newsweek International: The Flying Prius 17 July 2010
The future of the passenger jet may look surprisingly like a larger version of the hybrid automobile. With Tracy McNicoll and Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck

Shadowland: All Talk and No . . . Talk 9 July 2010
Obama has promised to open a dialogue with America' s enemies. But his administration is making that job harder all the time.

Shadowland: Immigration and IDs: A Modest Proposal 13 May 2010
All Americans -- whether brown, white, or black--should be required to carry a passport showing they are red, white, and blue.

Shadowland: The White Man's Burden 1 July 2010
Call it something different and more politically correct, but the United States needs a colonial service -- or it needs to stay out of the nation-building business.

Newsweek: Iran: Censorship and Satellites 5 June 2010
A battle for the future of Iran is shaping up in outer space, and it's not about missiles or nuclear weapons. It's about information -- the ability to jam the signal that brings the news to the Iranian people via satellite television.

Shadowland: Low Blows on the High Seas 1 June 2010
Where Israel was once fleet and subtle, the flotilla raid is just the latest indication it has become clumsy and noisy.

Shadowland Journal: The Rube Goldberg of Terrorism 8 May 2010
Faisal Shahzad may have returned from Pakistan to the Connecticut on a mission of mayhem earlier this year, but the more we know about the way he planned and executed the attempted bombing of Times Square, the more hapless and incompetent he appears.

Newsweek: 53 Hours in the Life of a Near Disaster
By Evan Thomas and Mark Hosenball with Ron Moreau and Sami Yousafzai in Pakistan and Christopher Dickey in Paris.

Shadowland: Noriega’s Last Laugh 27 April 2010
After the United States overthrew Panama's dictator in 1989, it thought such operations would be easy. Then came Afghanistan and Iraq.

Newsweek International: One Man Against The Mubaraks 20 April 2010
Mohamed ElBaradei, the future of Egypt and of the Middle East.

Shadowland: What Combat Looks Like 7 April 2010
The video of two Reuters newsmen being shot by Americans in 2007, however grim, shows business as usual in a war zone.

Shadowland: When Death Came For the Archbishop 24 March 2010
To restore its reputation, the Vatican must identify with the victims of repression -- including the victims of the church. It is 30 years ago this week that a sniper killed Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero with a single bullet that exploded through his heart as he said mass. Romero may someday be declared a saint. Certainly he was a hero. Like many of the priests and nuns I knew in Central America in those days, he expressed a nobility of purpose protecting the poor and the powerless—a way of living and working that risks being forgotten amid the scandals of the Catholic Church today....

Shadowland: A Third Muslim-World War? 18 March 2010
Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu would do anything to protect Israel—--aslong as he doesn't have to believe in peace.

Newsweek Web Exclusive: About Those Rumors 11 March 2010
From tweets to the world's front pages, the tales of infidelity about France's first couple are too good to resist—never mind the facts.

Shadowland: The Oil Curse 8 March 2010
Iraqis may at last be on their way to the petro-prosperity they've waited so long to enjoy. They should be careful what they wish for.

Shadowland Backgrounder: Murder Ink -- The Dubai Op and Psy Ops 7 March 2010
In the Middle East, assassination is a form of communication. The "hit team" killing of a Hamas operative in Dubai is the latest case– but will it be the last?

Shadowland: The Sandman Cometh 4 March 2010
Tehran's master of clandestine operations, Qassem Suleimani, could hold the key to Iraq's future—if he were not so busy back in Iran.

Newsweek Cover: Rebirth of a Nation 27 February 2010 (Issue Date 8 March 2010)
Something that looks an awful lot like democracy is beginning to take hold in Iraq. It may not be 'mission accomplished'—but it's a start. (Written with Babak Dehghanpisheh on the ground in Iraq and John Barry in Washington, plus additional reporting by Maziar Bahari. The photographs by Andrea Bruce put you right on the street.)

Shadowland: Deadhead Jihad 18 February 2010
An increasing number of Osama bin Laden sympathizers are spreading his message in English—and with it the possibility of more attacks inside the United States.

Shadowland: Divorce, Jihadi Style 13 January 2010
What role do women play in Al Qaeda? A few are suicide bombers; others may encourage their men to become one.

Newsweek Online: The Bomber's Wife 7 January 2010
In an exclusive interview with NEWSWEEK Türkiye, the wife of the suicide bomber who killed seven CIA employees in Afghanistan talks about her husband's life and beliefs. (Reported by Newsweek Turkiye's Adem Demir, written by Christopher Dickey)

Shadowland: Al Qaeda's Pandora 5 January 2010
Osama bin Laden's 17-year-old daughter is trying to get out of Iran. Her story could expose ties between the mullahs and her father's terror networks.

Newsweek Cover: A Thousand Points of Hate 2 January 2010
We've got terrorists around the world on the run. It's where they're running to that's the problem.


Shadowland: What Would Jesus Do in Gaza? 24 December 2009
Obama talks about love while justifying wars, but in the Middle East, neither works.

Newsweek: Berlusconi To Tiger: Time To Come To Italy 15 Dec 2009
An imaginary letter from Italy's prime minister to America's fallen idol.

Shadowland: The Blogfather and the Spy 3 December 2009
The "secret witness" in Tehran's show trials may be the man who started Iran's blogging revolution.

Shadowland: The Iran Syndrome 1 December 2009
The Tehran regime, which has elevated hostage-taking to a tool of diplomacy, defies the laws of God and man. So how can it be trusted to keep its word about nuclear weapons?

Newsweek: Triumph of the Turks 28 November 2009
Turkey is the surprising beneficiary of our misadventures in the Middle East.

Shadowland: Truth, If Not Justice 25 November 2009
The Iraq Inquiry, Britain's blue-ribbon panel to investigate that country's road to war, may be the closest the West gets to a public accounting.

Shadowland: Big Oil's Heart of Darkness 28 October 2009
The conviction of arms dealers and former top government officials in France could help to shed light on Dick Cheney's Halliburton years

Newsweek: 'Everyone Has Forgotten You,' 22 October 2009
Maziar Bahari's ordeal inside Tehran's Evin Prison.

Newsweek International Cover: Silvio, it's Time to Go 11 October 2009
Italy can no longer afford the antics of its playboy in chief.

Shadowland: The New TNT 29 September 2009
New studies of suicide bombers show that most have three important qualities in common: testosterone, a narrative fantasy, and a desire to make theater.

Newsweek International Cover: Sarkozy's Obama Envy 27 September 2009
The question that haunts Sarkozy is whether anyone sees him as part of a globe-beating tandem—and whether this team will ever achieve its potential.

Shadowland: Inside the Zazi Takedown 26 September 2009
The arrest of Najibullah Zazi shows an encouraging level of cooperation between NYC police and the Feds.

Shadowland: Muammar Kaddafi, Statesman 17 September 2009
The Libyan may look like the Michael Jackson of global politics, but his record sets an example for other leaders and petro-players.

Newsweek: Eight Years On: A diplomat's perspective on the post-9/11 world 11 September 2009
By Ryan Crocker, with Christopher Dickey

Newsweek Online: Bahari in Line for Spanish Prize 8 September 2009
Newsweek correspondent imprisoned in Irain is in contention for the prestigious Asturias Award

Shadowland: Waiting for Maziar 4 August 2009
Caught in Iran's political maelstrom, forced to "confess" at the show trial in Tehran, will Newsweek's Maziar Bahari be free in time to see the birth of his first child?

Newsweek International: The Muslim Madrassa Myth 1 August 2009
The problem with Arab education goes beyond a few extremists schools.

Newsweek Online: Losing Afghanistan's Drug War 31 July 2009
The UN drug czar says that efforts to eradicate opium have failed.

Update on Jailed Newsweek Reporter Maziar Bahari now on trial in Iran, 1 August 2009.

Shadowland: Protection Rackets 31 July 2009
In Afghanistan, Americans should deploy Pvt. Social Worker and Maj. Sociologist

Shadowland: Exit Tragedies 23 July 2009
Will the final American pullout from Iraq be a parade, a retreat or a rout?

Newsweek Online: A Mother's Lament 5 July 2009
Calling for the Release of Newsweek Correspondent Maziar Bahari.

Voices: The Ministry of Love-Hate 24 June 2009
A new form of totalitarianism is being born in Iran. Why—and what—Big Brother is watching.

Newsweek: The Supreme Leader 21 June 2009
Ayatollah Khamenei's journey from poetic idealism to brutal dictatorship

Newsweek Online: Feeding the Beast 13 June 2009
What Ahmadinejad's win means for Iran, Israel and the United States.

Newsweek International: The Empire Burden 12 June 2009
Why its so hard from imperial powers to get out of places like Afghanistan and Iraq, or for that matter the Comoros Islands.

Newsweek Online: War, Peace and A Political Touch 10 June 2009
The elections in Lebanon present Washington and its Arab allies with a real opportunity. But it won't last long.

Voices: A Measured Victory in Lebanon 8 June 2009
The election results are good news for the Americans. But Obama shouldn't read too much into the vote.

Newsweek International: "Not the Same America" 5 June 2009
Interview with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal

Voices: Can Admitting a Wrong Make It Right? 1 June 2009
To address the future of the Middle East, Obama must look to the past.

Newsweek Online: Brzezinksi and Yazdi, Three Decades Later 25 May 2009
Two diplomats pick up a discourse put on hold for 30 years.

Newsweek: Mohamed ElBaradei: ‘They are not Fanatics,' 24 May 2009
The director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency on what it's like to negotiate with the Iranians.

Newsweek Online: 18-Wheel Surprise 22 May 2009
Why the NYPD heavily publicizes foiled terror plots.

Shadowland: Leader of the Pack 18 May 2009
Jordan's King Abdullah is trying to get the Arabs lined up for peace. But they're all waiting for a sign from Obama.

Newsweek International: The Engine That Could 17 May 2009
As the economy shows signs of life, Europe's slow and steady model is proving there's more to life than hypergrowth.

Shadowland: Hiding in Plain Sight 23 April 2009
Arab gays are under siege in societies that want to pretend they don't exist. But a new biography of an Arab artist offers another view.

Shadowland: How to Deal 15 April 2009
It will take a lot more than SEALs and snipers to defend global shipping and American prestige. What Obama can learn from the French.

Newsweek International Periscope: NATO: Debt, the New Threat 28 March 2009

Newsweek: The Monarch Who Declared His Own Revolution 22 March 2009
King Abdullah, 85, is racing to reform Saudi Arabia. How much can he accomplish—and will it last?

Newsweek International: Sarkozy of Arabia 7 March 2009
The president revives French ambitions in the Gulf, with allies old and new. (With Tracy McNicoll)

Newsweek International: How Close Is Iran to a Bomb? 28 Feb 2009
A brief, balanced piece that came out before the sudden surge of headlines.

Newsweek International: Talking To Tehran 7 February 2009
America's old Iran hands on how—and whether—to start the conversation.

Newsweek Adaptation: The Spymaster of New York 1 February 2009
David Cohen and the NYPD are pioneering a new way of fighting terrorism.

Newsweek International: French Roast 24 January 2009
An interview with French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde.

Shadowland: Anger Management 20 January 2009
If they want help from Obama, Arabs in the Middle East should learn the lessons of Martin Luther King.

Newsweek Paris: Ballad of the Sad Cafes 13 January 2009
How Paris is coping with its bistro smoking ban. A personal essay.

Shadowland: Ballots, Bullets And Suicide Bombers 6 January 2009
Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran played the game of democracy better than the Bush administration. Can Obama change that?


Newsweek International: President On the Precipice 13 December 2008
Sarkozy is a loose cannon with no real opposition. So far, he's fared well. But that could change. (With Tracy McNicoll)

Newsweek International Cover: Is Dubai's Party Over? 6 December 2008
The glitzy façade shows some cracks. (A slightly different, shorter version ran in the domestic US edition.)

Newsweek Periscope: Men at War, But Joined at the Hip 6 December 2008
A glance at Gilles Kepel's new book, "Beyond Terror and Martyrdom." (This is from the domestic edition. A slightly different version appears in the International edition.)

Shadowland: Revolution 2.0 November 25, 2008
The Obama campaign developed powerful Web tools that might shape government but are more likely to build opposition movements, revolutions and possibly terrorist cells.

Newsweek International Cover: Reflecting On Race Barriers 16 November 2008
Obama's breakthrough provokes a global race to capitalize on, and build on, his win. (A collaborative effort with several Newsweek colleagues.)

Shadowland: Ashley Judd's Heart Of Darkness 30 October 2008
The actress on her experiences in war-ravaged Congo, and the personal aftershocks of exposure to so much suffering.

Newsweek International Cover: 'A Green New Deal' 26 October 2008
Some of the world's most powerful leaders argue that this crisis is a call to speed up the creation of a new energy economy. Why they're right. (Reported with Tracy McNicoll and many other colleagues.)

Shadowland: Stormy Weatherman 16 October 2008
The former terrorist Bill Ayers may want to see McCain get elected.

Newsweek International: The Realist Resurgence 12 October 2008
Russia is weaker than it looks, which is why NATO's soft-power strategy can still prevail.

Newsweek Online: Electile Dysfunction August 28, 2008
President Bill Clinton used the word "diplomacy" again and again Wednesday night while was raising the roof at the Democratic convention. How refreshing.

Shadowland: The New Great Game 21 August 2008
Given Russia's moves on Georgia, it's time for the United States to rethink its policy toward Iran.

Newsweek Online: NATO's Defining Moment 20 August 2008
An alliance under fire from the Caucasus to the Hindu Kush.

Shadowland: The Defiant Ones 14 August 2008
Notes on the Confederacy and the Caucasus

Newsweek Cover: The End of the South 3 August 2008
A journey through a troubled region. At a time when candidates are trading charges about "the race card" on the national stage, we look at the race issue head-on in the region that has fought the longest and the hardest, and suffered the most, trying to come to terms with it. As photographer Seamus Murphy and videographer Lee Wang and I drove through Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas, we found the political emotions "more exposed than they've been in decades."

Newsweek International: Putting Al Qaeda on the Couch 20 July 2008
September 11 was a recruiting poster for young people who are looking for some kind of direction in their lives.

Newsweek International: Drawing The French Battle Lines 22 June 2008
Nicolas Sarkozy's radical overhaul of his nation's military could resurrect its role as a global player.

Newsweek International: The Mad Experiment 30 June 2008
Dubai's ecology may be a work of genius or insanity, but it's nothing if not artificial.

Newsweek: The New Face of Islam 31 May 2008
A critique of radicalism is building within the heart of the Muslim world (with Owen Matthews, Sami Kohen and Maziar Bahari)

Shadowland: Bush’s 10 Commandments 20 May 2008
The U.S. president's latest pronouncements on Iran and the Arab world generated doom and gloom on his Mideast tour.

Newsweek International: Very French Delights 19 May 2008
What could be more luxurious than a glass of rosé, Stan Smith sneakers or a pocketknife?

Shadowland: Slaughterhouse Beirut 13 May 2008
Lebanon's chances for meaningful reconstruction are diminishing by the day. And despite Bush's bravado, it's going to be the same in Iraq.

Newsweek Online: Bombs in the Basement 7 May 2008
Remembering a Civil War relic hunter who survived.

Shadowland: Terrorist Triage 6 May 2008
Why are the presidential candidates—and so many counterterrorism experts—afraid to say that the Al Qaeda threat is overrated?

Shadowland: Bluff and Bloodshed 1 May 2008
The Persian Gulf is more dangerous than ever. Will the U.S. and Iran go to war at sea?

Newsweek: The French Revolution 5 May 2008
Sarkozy attempts to transform the West's military alliances.

Newsweek: Snapshots of Horror 28 April 2008
The curiously human side of the inhumanity that was Abu Ghraib.

Newsweek: Welcome to Paradise 21 April 2008
Oil revenue has made the desert—and plenty of other places—bloom with unexpected treasures for the tourist. Enter if you dare.

Shadowland: 'Jihadi Cool' 15 April 2008
Comic book action heroes may be better weapons against terror than bullets or bombs. (For more graphics and trailers, visit

Web Exclusive: Italian Politics as Unusual 15 April 2008
Berlusconi wins by a landslide. Why Italy may never be quite the same again. (Written with Jacopo Barigazzi)

Newsweek International Cover: Taking Out the Trash 30 March 2008
If Silvio Berlusconi and Walter Veltroni came together they just might be able to save Italy. By Barbie Nadeau, Jacopo Barigazzi and Christopher Dickey

Shadowland: Christian Rage and Muslim Moderation 27 March 2008
Despite recent provocations against Islam in the West, many Muslims seem weary of the same old tit for tat.

Shadowland: Dr. StrangeWar 14 March 2008
Or, could I learn to stop worrying and love Iraq? A look at the next five years.

Why It Matters Blog: France to Sarkozy: "Get Lost, You Jerk" 28 February 2008
The French don't like their presidents to talk that way in public. But the real problem is that they're discovering they just don't like Sarkozy.

OnFaith Blog: Now We Choose to Belong 27 February 2008
In America identity is a collection of things we acquire. I "have" a family just as I "have" a job, I have an education, I have a house, I have a car and, yes, I have a faith. Naturally I want to choose the one that seems the best fit. In most of the rest of the world, people do not have families, they belong to them, and the families belong to a place, which belongs to a history, which belongs to a culture and belongs to a faith. You might not pray, you might not even believe, but who you feel you are is profoundly shaped by the sense of the past from which you came, and to which you belong. That may be a source of strength or frustration. It may be many things. But it is not a matter of choice....

Shadowland: The Hundred-Years War 26 February 2008
McCain is running on 'success' in Iraq, but as the Pentagon warns, and a new study makes clear, it's not nearly that simple.

Why It Matters Blog: Holocaust Homework in France 21 February 2008

Shadowland: Converting Castro 19 February 2008
A missed opportunity to kill the Cuban regime with kindness

Newsweek Internatonal Cover: Agony And The Ecstasy 17 February 2008
Italy barely functions. Yet its people are happy. What explains this? (With Jacopo Barigazzi and Barbie Nadeau)

OnFaith: Low Motives and Higher Laws 1 February 2008
Once you can claim that a critical press is on the wrong side of God's law, after all, you can do just about anything you want to shut it down. That's not only a problem for Afghanistan or for Islam. I think that's a danger in any country where politicians claim they answer to a higher law.

Shadowland: The End-of-the-World Economic Forum 30 January 2008
In this great age of denial, Davos may seem out of touch, but the Bush administration is so much worse.

Shadowland: Of Cops and Candidates 11 January 2008
America still faces clear and present dangers. So why are the presidential debates about national security increasingly detached from reality? (There is also a video shot in New York -- "NYPD Unseen" -- linked to the article.)

Newsweek Issues 2008: The Ghost In The Machine 28 December 2007
Don't blame America. Cultural remix has been around since Roman times. It just happens a lot faster today.


Shadowland: Immigrant Love 18 December 2007
The spittle-flecked rage over foreigners in America misses the point. Here's the real issue presidential candidates should address.

Newsweek International: Let Them Eat Cake 18 December 2007
Food inflation used to be a problem for poor countries. Now the French are feeling the pinch.

OnFaith:The Politics of Piety December 6, 2007 6:58 AM
Without quite naming names, Mitt Romney stood before the press and public in Texas yesterday and harked back "almost 50 years ago" to a time when "another candidate from Massachusetts explained that he was an American running for president, not a Catholic running for president. Like him, I am an American running for president. I do not define my candidacy by my religion." Romney was talking about John F. Kennedy, of course. But let me say, having just read that speech given almost half a century ago, Mitt Romney you are no Jack Kennedy...

OnFaith: AIDS, Condoms and Dogma December 4, 2007 4:19 PM
"Well-intentioned religious believers"? That phrase, I confess, makes me deeply uneasy. In practice the selflessness of such people can be awe inspiring. In horrible conditions, their powerful faith gives them the strength to endure, to comfort, to heal. But at a policy level when they see practical problems through the narrow prism of dogma the results can be shocking. The example of the Catholic Church, with its vast human resources and intense convictions, is particularly striking. It is committed to honor and preserve life. But how best to do that? General principles are easy enough to pronounce, but specific cases are the source of enormous anger and misunderstanding, both inside and outside the church, and none has been more contentious than Vatican opposition to the use of condoms to fight AIDS.

Shadowland: Voice(s) of Reason 4 December 2007
At last, intel agencies seem to be on the right track about Iran's nuke program. Inside the latest assessment report.

OnFaith: Sex, Sin and Spin 28 November 2007
Sin generally and adultery specifically is the stuff of which soap operas are made, whether as the fiction of afternoon television or an affair of state that leads to impeachment. It's just irresistible narrative, with all the attendant subplots of passion, guilt, deception, e xposure and expiation. But in the United States there's the added ingredient of overweening hypocrisy.

Shadowland: Urban Legends 28 November 2007
New immigrants may be the best thing that ever happened to American cities, but don't wait for the leading presidential candidates to tell you that.

Newsweek: Murder Most Wired 25 November 2007
Police in Italy have turned to the Web to unravel a gruesome and heartbreaking homicide mystery. (Written with Barbie Nadeau in Perugia)

Shadowland: Unreality Check 20 November 2007
Iran's latest book banning tells us the regime may not know the difference between truth and fiction. Does it care?

New York Times Book Review: "Artificial Intelligence" 18 November 2007
A review of Bob Drogin's book "Curveball." An Iraqi defector’s testimony was critical in paving the way to war. The problem was, it was all a lie.

Newsweek Online: Flunking Iran 15 November 2007
If the new IAEA assessment of Tehran's nuclear behavior were a report card, most of the grades would be F's.

Shadowland: The (White) House of Shame 14 November 2007
The costs of the Iraq war are not only astronomical, as a new Congressional report shows, they are unconscionable. So who's going to pay?

Newsweek International: 1968-The Year That Changed Everything 11 Nov 2007
In Europe and the United States, the generation of 1968 had an idealistic core expressed in culture, politics and a distinct way of looking at the world. Its legacy lives on.
(This is the introduction to several related stories by different authors. A different introduction, by Jonathan Darman, ran in the U.S. edition of the magazine.)

Shadowland: War and Peacemakers 7 November 2007
An exclusive conversation with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal about Israel, Iran and the frustrations of Middle East diplomacy.
(Note: Questions and answers from the same interview were published by Newsweek International as The Last Word-The Oil King's Diplomat 11 November 2007.)

Newsweek Periscope: Twins 4 November 2007
Sarkozy Is Looking More Like The 'French Rudy' Every Day

Shadowland: Remembrance of Things Present 1 November 2007
The gross oversimplification of news, whether about Iraq, Iran or Darfur, is a dangerous sign of the times.

Shadowland: Judgment Day for the CIA? 26 October 2007
In a real-life version of 'Rendition,' a determined Italian prosecutor is hunting down those charged as the Bush administration's contract kidnappers.

Shadowland: War and Deliverance 17 October 2007
A new DVD of an old movie may offer perspective on American attitudes behind the invasion of Iraq.

Newsweek Cover: Love and War 15 October 2007
What's striking about this conflict is not that Americans and Iraqis have met on the battlefield and fallen in love and married. It's that so few have. In their stories lies the sad, tortured tale of the war itself. (Written with reporting by Jessica Ramirez and Larry Kaplow.)


Newsweek: The Constitution in Peril 30 September 2007
The War on Terror didn't start as an attack on Americans' rights, but several new books argue that's exactly what happened.

Newsweek: I Think, Therefore I Act 24 September 2007
Author Bernard-Henri Lévy rejects French President Nicolas Sarkozy's contention that his countrymen think too much.

Newsweek Interview: A Nuclear 'Litmus Test' 23 September 2007
IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei says Iran is not a 'clear and present danger.' But his patience is limited.

Newsweek International: Sartre, Meet Sarkozy 23 September 2007
The French president is exhorting his countrymen to philosophize less and work more. But are the French really too cerebral? Hmm, let's give that some thought.

Newsweek Cover: Into Thin Air 26 August 2007
The ongoing hunt for Osama bin Laden.
I made a relatively small contribution to this saga written by Evan Thomas and heroically reported by, among others, Sami Yousufzai and Rod Nordland. But I'm sending it to you because I think it's a must read. The bottom line: when the Bush administration focused on Saddam Hussein, it lost sight of Osama bin Laden. We knew that, of course, but this proves it.

Newsweek Online: "All the Problems of the World" 24 August 2007
After his recent visit to Baghdad, French Foreign Minister warns the world that Iraq is a problem everyone must take responsibility for. And he reaffirms France's friendship with the United States.

Newsweek Blog: The Summer and the Surge 19 August 2007
When it comes to predicting the ebb and flow of American casualties in Iraq, meteorology may be more useful than military pronouncements.

Shadowland: The Making of a Homegrown Terrorist 15 August 2007
The real threat to the West is not from foreign jihadis but from ‘unremarkable’ civilians within our societies, says an insightful new report from the New York Police Department.

Newsweek: Iraq's Arms Bazaar 12 August 2007
How firearms intended for Iraqi security forces are winding up in the hands of extremists across the region.

Shadowland: The Politics of Blackmail 1 August 2007
The cosmopolitan son of Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi is surprisingly frank about the Middle East and his former pariah state's nukes-for-prisoners deal with France. "It's an immoral game," says Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi.

On Faith: The Muslim World's Embattled Secularists
Who will defend the Muslim who doubts his faith? Who speaks for the man or the woman who might believe in Allah, by his or her own lights, but does not wish to worship?

Newsweek: Internet Imams: Inside the Cyber-Jihad 22 July 2007
Are we in danger of losing the war of ideas on the Web?
(includes audio and video links, and touches on material that recent Shadowland columns have dealt with as well)

Shadowland: Yo, Blair 20 July 2007
The former British prime minister has now begun his new career as a Mideast envoy. How could anyone think he's the right man for the job?

Shadowland: Through a Glass Darkly 13 July 2007 Bush is losing hopelessly in the war of ideas. What the terrorists can teach him about strategy, propaganda and ideology.

Shadowland: The Doctors' Orders 5 July 2007
There's new thinking at work among some of Al Qaeda's brains. How the British plot ties into the doctrine of a leading jihadi strategist known as Abu Musab al-Suri.

OnFaith: Dreams of Heaven and Hell 29 June 2007
The link between our unconscious and our visions of heaven and hell is, for me, one of the most fascinating and troubling areas to explore in the realm of faith.

Shadowland: Trivializing Tragedy 27 June 2007
Paris Hilton has emerged from jail saying she wants to "bring light" to her pet causes. As she shops around for something worthy, she should look to the standard set years ago by Audrey Hepburn.

On Faith: Operation Occupaton a Failure 21 June 2007
The United States in Iraq is acting like a surgeon who took out the wrong organs and is hoping to repair that disastrous mistake by taking out still more.

Newsweek: Bogged Down In Baghdad 17 June 2007
Patience with Iraq's prime minister is running out among most everyone, except George W. Bush.
(with Larry Kaplow, who conducted the interview in Baghdad, and Melinda Liu)

Newsweek: Private Di 10 June 2007
The most human of icons, Diana was, Tina Brown's new book says, a liar as well as a saint.
There are also video and audio segments with this report.

Newsweek: Our Latest Man In Baghdad 10 June 2007
No American diplomat seems better qualified than Ryan Crocker to turn Iraq around—but can he do it?
(Written by Melinda Liu, who conducted the interview, with background reporting from Dickey's files and others.)

New York Times Book Review: The Mind of the South 10 June 2007
A review of "Long Time Leaving: Dispatches from Up South," by Roy Blount Jr. (May require registration online)

Shadowland: Law and Disorder 7 June 2007
When does guerrilla theater become guerrilla war? What the demonstrations against the 2004 GOP convention can teach us about managing the protests at the G8 summit.

Newsweek International: Europe's Invisible Illegals 3 June 2007
Pakistanis are coming to Europe in big numbers; authorities worry they're bringing terror with them.

Shadowland: Laughter in the Dark 30 May 2007
Edward Behr was an extraordinary foreign correspondent for extraordinary times.

Shadowland: Lebanon's New War(s) 23 May 2007
The ferocious battles of the last three days could open the way to wider conflicts. But there may be both more and less than meets the eye.

Shadowland: Morality Tale 18 May 2007
France's new foreign minister is experienced, passionate and righteous. But his good intentions have led to disasters in the past—and could do so again iin the future.

Web Exlusive:Sultans of Slow 9 May 2007
Why Oman is the most truly luxurious experience in Arabia

The best part of the story is on the second page ...

For more than 60 updated articles on the French elections as the final round approaches on May 6, visit Le Blog Presidentiel.

Web Exclusive: A Modern Lafayette? 6 May 2007
The election of conservative Nicolas Sarkozy as president of France likely means stronger ties with the United States.

Shadowland: Paradigms Lost 4 May 2007
The Republican presidential debate shows just how much American politicians are out of touch with global realities. What the French can teach them about Iraq, terrorism and conflict.

Newsweek Online: Pas de Deux 2 May 2007
After more than two and a half relentless hours, neither Nicolas Sarkozy nor Ségolène Royal scored a knockout blow in the debate for the French presidency. But the Socialist candidate did manage to hold her own.

On Faith: 'Peaceful, Industrious and Law-Abiding People' 2 May 2007
In 1860, the great British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton traveled to New York and Washington, D.C., then made his way across the continent to Utah. The book he wrote about his journey, "City of the Saints," is a rambling collection of observations and interviews by a man who had explored unknown corners of Africa and the Orient, studying languages, customs and faiths wherever he traveled. Now he wanted to know what Mormons and Mormonism were all about....

Newsweek International Cover: Hard Man, Tough Job 29 April 2007
Sarko Has the Best Plan, But French Voters Don't Want It

Shadowland: The Re-Making of a Quagmire 25 April 2007
What David Halberstam understood four decades ago and Washington still hasn't figured out.

Newsweek Online: Battle of Personalities 22 April 2007
French voters have cut the presidential race down to two candidates. What to expect from the rest of the campaign.

Newsweek International: Pilgrim's Progress 22 April 2007
The world -- and Europe especially -- is rediscovcovering the power of the pilgrimage. The story of this improbable new vogue.

Newsweek: The Perils Of Pulling Out 15 April 2007
Everyone is talking about whether the United States should withdraw from Iraq. But is anyone actually planning for that day? (with John Barry and others)

Shadowland: The Sounds of Silence 6 April 2007
The Bush administration's refusal to talk to those it deems unworthy is complicating the mess in the Middle East. No wonder the rest of the world is now working around Washington.

Newsweek: A Desert's Lion in Winter 1 April 2007
How the Saudi king, disillusioned with Bush, is trying to save the Arabs.

A longer version for the international editions of Newsweek:

Newsweek International: A Saudi Desert Fox 1 April 2007
King Abdullah brushes aside the United States and seeks to take the lead in a strife-torn Middle East.
Newsweek Online: Flexing Their Muscles 29 March 2007
Calling the U.S. occupation of Iraq 'illegitimate' was just the latest volley in Saudi Arabia's war of independence from Washington. A conversation with the Saudi foreign minister.

Shadowland: Fossilized Thinking 20 March 2007
We need to stop talking about good intentions and sinister conspiracies involving Iraq. It’s time to look at whether any of the proposals out there will see us through the dark labyrinth ahead.

And for some lighter reading in Newsweek International:
The Mystique of Swiss Watchmakers
Christopher Dickey's favorite Parisian bistros

Newsweek: Star Power 11 March 2007
Angelina Jolie draws attention to Darfur.

Also on the Web dealing with the same subject:
Audio & Video: Q&A: Angelina Jolie on Refugees and Fame

Newsweek International: Sarko, the American? 11 March 2007
Not anymore. If you aspire to become president of France, it doesn't pay to be too friendly with the U.S.

Shadowland: The Wages of Fear 8 March 2007
The alleged plot to behead New York's police commissioner and bomb NYPD headquarters, however implausible, suggests the dangers of copycat terrorism.

Shadowland: Book Burning in Baghdad 6 March 2007
History today is not so much written by the victors as by the vanquished.

Shadowland: Demolition of the Willing 23 February 2007
Europe's bitter memories of the Bush administration's insults and hypocrisy are undermining efforts to restrain Iran's nuke program -- and have now led to the collapse of Italy's Prodi government.

Newsweek: The Elusive Quds Force 18 Feb 2007
The Iranian Special Ops unit accused of meddling in Iraq has a fierce history and powerful friends.

Newsweek International: The Third Man 18 Feb 2007
Once again, Le Pen is poised to play the spoiler in France's elections.

Shadowland: Dire Straits 12 February 2007
The United States has been to war against Iran before. What we can learn from the last time around.

Newsweek: Intimate Strangers 11 February 2007
America's long dance with the Mideast dates all the way back to the Founding Fathers. Who knew?

Newsweek: Blowup? America's Hidden War with Iran 11 February 2007
A cover story based mainly on reporting by Michael Hirsh in Washington and Maziar Bahari in Tehran, as well as contributions by myself and several others.

Shadowland: Liar's Poker 1 Feb 2007
In the showdown between Iran and the United States, both sides are bluffing. But that doesn't make it any less dangerous.

Newsweek: Blood and Memory: The Cycle Has Started 14 Jan 2007
Iraq's vendettas could haunt the West for years.

Shadowland: Martyring a Monster 5 Jan 2007
It is precisely because of the horrors Saddam committed that the trivialization of his death is such a shameful milestone on the road to American perdition.


Newsweek: Death of a Tyrant 30 Dec 2006
He killed not only Kurds and Shiites but Baathist rivals. His end was ignominious.

Newsweek International:The Syria Gambit 17 Dec 2006
Does the regime of Bashar al-Assad hold the key to America's problems in the Middle East? Some in Washington like to think so, but they are probably wrong.

Two Sego profiles for different editions of Newsweek:
Newsweek International:Royal Touch 17 Dec 2006
Segolene Royal: She is the glam fresh face of French politics. Will she win the presidency? All Europe will be watching.

Newsweek: Segolene Royal 17 Dec 2006
International: The woman who may be France's next leader is much more than a pretty face.

Web Exclusive: Five Fatal Decisions 13 Dec 2006
Forget the conspiratorial fog. The only real mystery about Diana's death is the workings of fate.

Shadowland: The Taliban's Book of Rules 12 Dec 2006
A nine-page pamphlet offers some chilling—and revealing—insights about Afghanistan’s former rulers


Taliban Rule Book in Pashto on the Shadowland Journal

Shadowland: Closer to the Abyss 6 Dec 2006
U.S troops just don't have the means to stop Iraq's death squads. Why the Baker proposals could turn into a nightmare.

Shadowland: The Poison Pinpoint 28 Nov 2006
Only a handful of potential suspects have ready access to the substance that killed Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko. The trail of a murderous isotope.

Newsweek International: Sword of the Shia 26 Nov 2006
He can deal out death through his black-clad followers and roil the government any time he chooses. Why Moqtada al-Sadr may end up deciding America's fate in Iraq.

Shadowland: Terrorist Hold 'Em 14 Nov 2006
As the United States tries to bluff its way out of Iraq, Washington has to get even more serious about policing terrorism at home.

Newsweek Web Exclusive: Now What? 8 Nov 2006
Europeans are happy to see the Republicans chastened, but beneath the elation there's a current of dreadful uncertainty.

Shadowland: Hanging Judgments 6 Nov 2006
A court has decided Saddam Hussein's fate. Now American voters have to decide what to do about his former collaborators, the Republicans.

Shadowland: Curse You, Kate 1 November 2006
As cocaine use rises in Europe, Colombia’s government is suggesting that super-model Kate Moss is responsible for all kinds of crimes—sort of.

New York Times Book Review: Freedom Summer 29 October 2006
"Magic Time": In his second novel, the cartoonist Doug Marlette explores a civil-rights-era church burning.

Shadowland: A Brother's Rage 24 October 2006
Kevin Tillman’s incandescent statement against the Iraq war reads like poetry, and is part of a tragic tradition.

Newsweek: A Shadowy Nuclear Saga 22 October 2006
WMD smugglers can leave dizzying trails. Written with key reporting from Mark Hosenball
There is a longer version of essentially the same story in the International edition.

Newsweek Interview: The Power of the Purse 20 Oct 2006
IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei discusses nuclear advances in Iran and North Korea--and how lack of funds is hampering his agency’s work.
The link at the top is to the "printer friendly" version, which you may find easier to read than the second link, which is the regular online version. Shorter excerpts from the interview will appear in the forthcoming print editions of Newsweek International.

Shadowland: Excess of Evil 10 October 2006
Three years after Bush introduced the 'axis', North Korea, Iran—and Iraq—are more re dangerous than ever.

Interview:'He Was Like a Brother To Me' 8 October 2006
On the 25th anniversary of Anwar Sadat’s assassination, Jimmy Carter discusses the Mideast conflict.
Excerpts of this interview also appear in the forthcoming print edition of Newsweek International, accompanying the following article:

Newsweek International: The Cold Peace, 8 October 2006
The 1979 Egyptian-Israeli treaty endures, 25 years after Sadat. But can it last much longer?

Shadowland: Bordering on Insanity 5 October 2006
Does the Middle East need to be destroyed in order to save it?

Newsweek International Cover: Living Underground 3 Sep 2006
This is the real clash of civilizations—a brutal war for the bottom rung of Europe's ladder.

Shadowland: Flying Blind 29 August 2006
Airline security needs to be based on common sense, not policies that will turn citizens into inmates of their own countries

Shadowland: Pulp Fact 18 August 2006
The JonBenet case is a reminder that news is what you make of it—or not.

Newsweek: The Real Nasrallah 13 Aug 2006
How a son of Beirut's slums became one of the most engaging, and dangerous, leaders in the Muslim world. Written with Babak Dehghanpisheh, who reported on the ground in Lebanon.

Newsweek: Eye for an Eye 6 August 2006
Israel shadow-boxes with a surprisingly high-tech foe. Inside the new Hizbullah.
(also check out the audio link to Newsweek on Air)

Newsweek: Mideast: Ripples of War 30 July 2006
From Iraq to Al Qaeda, the conflict between Israel and Hizbullah is resonating far beyond the battlefield.

Shadowland: Let It Bleed 26 July 2006
Leaders at the Rome summit on the Mideast are ignoring the real bottom line: Hizbullah is winning.

Newsweek Cover Story: Torn to Shreds 24 July 2006
While Israel tries to root out an enemy, Hizbullah feeds on the devastation.

Shadowland: Best-Laid Plans 21 July 2006
Hizbullah wanted to lead the Muslim and Arab world; Israel wanted to wipe Hizbullah off the map. Their strategies quickly went awry.

Newsweek Cover Story: The Hand That Feeds the Fire16 July 2006
Behind The Crisis: How Iran is wielding its influence to wage a stealthy war against Israel and America. (With Peraino, Dehghanpisheh, Wolffe, Barry, Hosenball and others)

Newsweek: Sharon's Shadow 9 July 2006
As the crisis builds, Israelis are asking what the legendary general would have done. Can Olmert lead on his own? The article is a collaboration with Dan Ephron and Joanna Chen in Jerusalem.

Shadowland: American Dream, American Nightmare 5 July 2006
The greatness of the United States is unique—and not a model to be exported by narrow-minnded nationalists.

Shadowland: The Rule of Order 17 29 June 2006
An American agreement puts a motley array of foreigners above the law in Iraq. It’s time to take away their license to kill—and to stop treating Maliki’s new government as a servant.

Newsweek International: After the Pharaoh 25 June 2006
Who, or what, will replace Hosni Mubarak? Some say democracy, others chaos. It's the question all Egyptians are now asking. No one has an answer.

Shadowland: Mirages Within Mirages 13 June 2006
Mideastern leaders are afraid that Tehran has sophisticated designs for the area from the gulf to the Mediterranean. Washington cannot afford to ignore this Iranophobia.

Shadowland: Face of the Enemy 9 June 2006
Zarqawi's many roles in the Iraqi tragedy suggest his demise may have side effects that are very difficult to predict.

Shadowland: Jail Break 27 May 2006
Why the best new chance to end the Middle East impasse came from Palestinian inmates of an Israeli prison.

Shadowland: K Is for Vendetta 17 May 2006
Why does the Bush administration want to believe that Kaddafi has changed his ways?

Shadowland: Season of the Wolf 12 May 2006
Is there a case for conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Iraq war? For Washington's opponents, the truth is less important than the image of an America gone mad.

Newsweek International: Why Iran Is Driving Oil Up 7 May 2006
Tehran could calm jitters by toning down its nuclear rhetoric—if the regimee didn't need the money more.

NYT Book Review: The Sand Café,' by Neil MacFarquhar 7 May 2006
Love and Rockets

Newsweek Online: Catholics and Condoms 3 May 2006
Will the pope change the church’s stand? The Vatican is currently engaged in a complex debate—and a major part of it is whether condoms could turn marital sex into something considered evil.

Newsweek Online: Depth in Venice 5 May 2006
A French businessman’s stunning collection is helping to turn the city of the doges into a European mecca for modern art.

Newsweek: Iran: A Rummy Guide 30 April 2006
To borrow a phrase used for Iraq, there are 'things we now know we don't know.' NEWSWEEK sorts it out.

Shadowland: The Global War on Tourists 26 April 2006
The new generation of terrorists is looking for soft targets, and none are softer than vacationers.

Shadowland: Pumping Irony 21 April 2006
Iran is behind the soaring price of gasoline—and not for the first time.

Newsweek International: The West is Red Again 16 April 2006
A rancorous election in Italy, protests in France. The Bolshie old days are back.

Newsweek: The Demise of the Don 16 April 2006
The boss of bosses had been on the run for 43 years. His downfall: a reluctance to do his own laundry.

Shadowland: The Mechanics of Democracy 13 April 2006
Despite America's electoral debacle of 2000, Bush still passes judgment on everyone else's vote. Isn't it time to lead by example?

Shadowland: Militants of the Status Quo 6 April 2006
France is at a crossroads, but paradoxically it's the government, not the people, that is struggling for change.

Newsweek Online: Spyware 5 April 2006
The newest camcorders are so slick and small they'd make James Bond jealous. A veteran foreign correspondent tells us which ones are worth taking on the road.

Newsweek International Cover: The Rise and Fall of Berlusconi 26 March 2006
Is Italy's flamboyant leader going down in flames?

Newsweek Poll: Losing Ground 24 March 2006
A NEWSWEEK poll shows President Bush's approval rating dropping to new lows on domestic issues and rising public anger over Iraq and homeland security.

Newsweek International Cover: Rising Barriers 13 March 2006
French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin is leading a new wave of protectionism—in Europe—but also, possibly, one of reform.

Shadowland: Age of Anxiety 3 March 2006
Why is George Clooney's new generation of doomsday films so prominent in the Oscar lineup? It's all about the manipulation of fear.

Newsweek: Sex, Religion & Politics 26 Feb 2006
Ahead of his visit to the White House, Italy's prime minister explains some nutty rumors to NEWSWEEK. (This was a brief through-written profile of Berlusconi for American readers.)

Newsweek International: Italy's 'Povero Cristo' 26 Feb 2006
Embattled yet still flamboyant, Silvio Berlusconi gleefully takes on his critics, real and imaginary. (A more complete text of the interview for International audiences.)

Shadowland: What Price Xenophobia? 24 Feb 2006
Bush has won a reprieve in the U.S. port uproar. But the naysayers must accept that Dubai really has helped in the fight against Al Qaeda.

Shadowland: Dead Man Waiting? 14 Feb 2006
On the first anniversary of Rafik Hariri’s assassination, the troubled chronicles of Lebanon seem to foretell the killing of yet another political figure.

Newsweek International: Pointing the Finger 13 Feb 2006
Europe has apologized. But attitudes are hardening toward radical groups and governments in the Middle East.

Cover Story: Devoted and Defiant 5 Feb 2006
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he doesn't want nuclear weapons. The world is suspicious. How dangerous is he?

Shadowland: Battleground of Ideas 1 Feb 2006
Bush's State of the Union Message confirmed the Arab world's view of the U.S. president as a caricature who talks about strength and determination while projecting an image of stubbornness and confusion.

Interview: "We Have Taken … Bold Steps" 27 Jan 2006
Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif urges the world to respect the results of the Palestinian election, and he defends his government's handling of the Ayman Nour case.

Live Talk: The Talk of Davos 27 Jan 2006
Christopher Dickey reported on what's hot at this high-powered gabfest.

Shadowland: Countdown to a Showdown: Part II 25 Jan 2006
Two American congressmen have proposed a 'quarantine' they think could stop Iran’s mullahs from building nukes. It’s a high-risk strategy.

Shadowland: Countdown to a Showdown 23 Jan 2006
The next few weeks of diplomacy on Iran's nukes may be too fast and too furious. What we really need to avoid Armageddon.

Shadowland: Target Practice 18 Jan 2006
Washington's enthusiasm for remote-control assassination is partly about boys with toys. But after disasters like the failed attempt on Zawahiri, we need to take a closer look at the tactic.

Article: Iran's Rogue Rage 15 Jan 2006
Nukes: Iranians want nuclear know-how—and seem to be daring the West to stop them.

Interview: Diplomacy and Force 15 Jan 2006
The United Nations' top inspector is prepared to issue a report on Iran's nuclear program that will 'reverberate around the world.

Shadowland: Confidence Game 10 Jan 2006
Iraq has taught us that 'unknown unknowns' make lousy targets. Will Washington heed that lesson when it responds to Tehran breaking its nuclear seals?

Interview: 'Mafia State' 5 Jan 2006
In one of his first public interviews since going into exile, a Syrian strongman discusses Ariel Sharon, the assassination of Rafik Hariri and Bashar Assad’s tight control over Damascus.

Shadowland: Power vs. Justice 4 Jan 2006
Washington understands that a truth commission won’t work in Iraq. But after five years of White House deception and intimidation, perhaps it’s time for Americans to hold their own panel on reconciliation.


Shadowland: Plane Spotting 15 Dec 2005
How aviation hobbyists put vital evidence about secret CIA flights on the Web and provided evidence for lawsuits about detainee abuse.

Cover Story: Women of Al Qaeda 4 Dec 2005
Jihad used to have a gender: male. The men who dominated the movement exploited traditional attitudes about sex and the sexes to build their ranks. They still do that, but with a difference: even Al Qaeda is using female killers now, and goading the men.
(I wrote this story based on my own reporting and superb files by a host of other Newsweek correspondents.)

Shadowland: The Gentleman Journalist, 23 Nov 2005
Hugh Sidey was the last of a breed. Why we will not see his like again.

Shadowland: The Terrorist Temptation, 18 Nov 2005
The Bush administration is so accustomed to torturing the truth, it can't face the facts. Murtha's outburst on Iraq has shown it is time to stop deluding ourselves.

Article: Europe's Time Bomb, 13 Nov 2005
The French riots should be a wake-up call for all Europe. What's long been considered 'normal' is no longer socially or politically sustainable.

Live Talk:France: Waning Riots in Perspective, 9 Nov 2005
Online dialogue with Newsweek readers about the situation in France

Article: The Fire This Time 6 Nov 2005
Years of racism and neglect explode in a week of riots across France's mostly Muslim immigrant ghettos.

Shadowland: The Looking-Glass Wars 2 Nov 2005
The Middle East has long been home to a 'murdering class.' Americans must avoid sliding into this moral morass.

Article: The Culprits Dialed 'M' For Murder 23 Oct 2005
Phone records suggest assassins linked to Syria.

Shadowland: Burning Questions 18 Oct 2005
The cannibalistic media frenzy over Judith Miller ignores the lessons that we should be learning from her case.

Article: Buried With Secrets 16 Oct 2005
Ghazi Kanaan shot himself in the mouth -- or not.

Shadowland: Wars of Hate 11 Oct 2005
America's conflicts are fought mostly by people who have come from the powerless classes. But true patriotism is not about being a spectator.

Article: Friends in the Mountains 9 Oct 2005
Northern Iraq is a stable land where people love America and Americans. So why doesn't the U.S. military make itself at home?

Shadowland: Guilt by Association 29 Sep 2005
A Spanish court has jailed the reporter who interviewed bin Laden after 9/11. What his conviction says about the dangerous ambiguities of pursuing journalistic balance in an age of terror.

Article: Saudi Storms 25 Sep 2005
As hurricanes batter the American coast and send oil prices up, Al Qaeda is watching, and drawing lessons.

Shadowland: Rita's Revelation 23 Sep 2005
As oil prices soar, so will demands for atomic energy. Iran knows this and Americans should, too. Why it's time to rethink the global approach to nuclear proliferation.

Shadowland: Beyond Good and Evil 14 Sep 2005
What Bush could have learned after 9/11 and should learn after Katrina

sui Shadowland: The Suicide Solution 6 Sep 2005
What if suicide bombing were a disease? Could we find a cure? Some researchers think so.

Article: Near 'The Edge of the Abyss' 15 Aug 2005
The new pontiff has offered clues to the ways in which he will lead the church and, he hopes, change Europe.

Article: The Quality of Courage 15 Aug 2005
For a sense of the Christian values Pope Benedict hopes to champion, look to the past and a little town called Nonantola.

Shadowland: Pre-Emptive Peace, 4 Aug 2005
Washington should set a clear timetable for complete American withdrawal from Iraq.
(This was the 100th Shadowland, and has a lot of retrospective links.)

Shadowland: Untrue Believers, 21 July 2005
The real global war is not between different faiths. It's against the madness of those like Atlanta bomber Eric Rudolph, who believe that their violence is noble.

Article: Turning to God's Time, 17 July 2005
Balancing one's inner clock with the cosmos and the demands of global society is more than a luxury, it's a necessity.

Article: Designed by Hand 25 July 2005
The height of luxury is all in the hands of the artisans.

Article: Castles in the Sand 25 July 2005
For Gulf hoteliers there's no such thing as too much.

Article: L'Etat? C'est Moi. ... Not, 17 July 2005 (with Tracy McNicoll)
Jacques Chirac's time has come -- and gone. French ask: why doesn't he do a de Gaulle and step down.

Shadowland: The Fifth Man, 14 July 2005
The Blair government was forewarned about the danger of home-grown suicide bombers, but not forearmed. It missed the vital role of Al Qaeda's itinerant masterminds.

Article: The Next Battle: Bridging the Great Divide, 10 July 2005
America and its allies have had different strategies to fight Al Qaeda. But they're starting to close ranks.

Shadowland: Bourne Again?,5 July 2005
The real-life spy adventure uncovered in Italy's "kidnapped imam" case raises more troubling questions about how the Bush administration came to invade Iraq, and what's happened to the war on terror.

Article: Iran's Nuclear Lies, 2 July 2005

Interview: Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 2 July 2005

Shadowland: The Empire's New Clothes, 24 June 2005
The cost of the war in Iraq is almost beyond imagining. But as it comes into focus, it's no wonder that the public is turning against it.

Shadowland: The Road to Rendition, 16 June 2005
Did U.S. agents help to abduct an imam off an Italian street? An upcoming Milan case could embarrass both Bush and Berlusconi.

Shadowland: Writing Lolita in Tehran, 31 May 2005
Iranian bloggers have harnessed the subversive power of the Web to express themselves politically--and also to find dates in a society that curtails public courting.

International Cover: France: Delusions of Grandeur, 15 May, 2005 (with Eric Pape and Tracy McNicoll)
French President Jacques Chirac has made a career appealing to the glories of his country's past. But his people are wondering if he knows how to lead them into the future.

Shadowland: Body Counts, 12 May 2005
The Pentagon secretly keeps track of many grim statistics in Iraq. The numbers are not encouraging.

Shadowland: Sharon Had Better Listen, 4 May 2005
In an exclusive interview, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says ties between Washington and Riyadh are back on track, oil prices should go down and China is a new strategic player in the region.

Cover Story: The Vision of Benedict XVI A divided church waits for Benedict to take his place in history.

Shadowland: Angel of Mercy, 19 April 2005
Marla Ruzicka was one of a kind. The Baghdad death of the unorthodox young aid worker has devastated those who knew her.

Shadowland: Overexposed, 12 April 2005
There are moments when tragedies take on a special character and force us to reflect on our own lives. For our columnist, such a moment came when he was temporarily blinded while covering the death of the pope.

Cover Story: Prayers for New Life, 10 April 2005
Catholics celebrate a legacy, and contemplate many difficult choices ahead. (This was a group effort with Newsweek correspondents around the world and Lisa Miller in NYC)

Live Talk: The Life and Legacy of a Pope, 7 April 2005
Christopher Dickey joined us for a Live Talk on Thursday, April 7, at noon ET on the life, legacy and lessons of Pope John Paul II.

International Cover: The Vatican: 'Precious' Suffering, 20 February 2005
The pope's condition is deteriorating, for all to see, and he's becoming a potent symbol for his message: that life is sacred, no matter how painful.

Shadowland: CSI: Beirut, 30 Mar 2005
Syria is playing for time, and the Lebanese investigation into the Hariri assassination is a farce. Meanwhile, chaos is building.

Shadowland Letters: 'Completely Unbearable' , 23 Mar 2005
Military families respond to Christopher Dickey's column about the pain of waiting.

Shadowland: Left Behind, 22 Mar 2005
No one's bravery is tested more by war than the families at home.

Shadowland: The Default Democratizer, 15 Mar 2005
Bush's focus on freedom comes after a string of disastrous policy mistakes in the Middle East. But for the people living there, that's still not bad.

Newsweek Article: Jihad Express, 13 Mar 2005
For Islamic militants in Europe, Iraq far outshines Afghanistan as an urban-terrorism training ground.

Shadowland: Reality Checkpoints, 11 Mar 2005
Why did U.S. soldiers shoot at the car carrying Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena? Here's the most likely scenario.

Cover Story: An Arabian Spring, 6 Mar 2005
Democracy: Many Arabs are fed up, and want their freedom. Can people power prevail?

Shadowland: The Rap on Freedom, 4 Mar 2005
Dictators and despots may believe that Washington's rhetoric on democracy is just another  American fad. But the political climate really has changed in the Middle East

Shadowland: Democratic Terrorists?, 24 Feb 2005
Lebanon could emerge as the center of a new Middle East. But first the United States may have to come to terms with Hizbullah.

Article: Democracy: Pharaoh's Long Shadow, 14 Feb 2005
Will Bush really stand by Arab democrats? Egypt just jailed a leading reformer, and is now a test case.

Article: The Spying Game, 14 Feb 2005
Washington calls the MEK a terrorist group. But some administration hawks think its members could help provide intelligence on Iran's quest to develop nuclear weapons.

Shadowland: If You Build Democracy, They Will Come, 24 Feb 2005
But too often, voters are betrayed. How to keep that from happening in Iraq.

Cover story: Unmasking the Insurgents, 30 Jan 2005
Shadow war: The elections won't stop the bombers, but quality intel -- and luck -- might help.

Shadowland: Sandbagged in Baghdad, 21 Jan 2005
As bad as things are in Iraq, the Americans can thank Iranian influences for preventing a total collapse. Why, for better or worse, Iraq's elections have to be held on time.

Article: Tribe Versus Tribe, 16 Jan 2005
Iraq's military was supposed to build national cohesion, but it could spur sectarian conflict.

Shadowland: Death-Squad Democracy, 11 Jan 2005
Are there parallels between El Salvador in the '80s and Iraq today? Maybe. But the "lessons learned" by Washington are the wrong ones.

Web Exclusive: Riskier and Riskier, 7 Jan 2005
With pre-election violence building to a crescendo in Baghdad, U.S. officials are concerned about the dangers facing foreign journalists coming to cover the vote

Shadowland: Out of Balance, 5 Jan 2005
The world rarely takes notice of disasters and wars until they cross a mind-boggling threshold of pain. Are Americans starting to feel the same way about U.S. soldiers dying in Iraq?


Shadowland: Forget, Hell!, 21 Dec 2004
The next two decades could bring more prosperity, self-respect and democracy to the Middle East. But first, we must all address the power of collective memory.

Shadowland Mail: Readers chime in on the likelihood of future terror attacks, 'hillbilly armor' and the death of a heavy metal hero.

Shadowland: The Cassandra Quotient, 16 Dec 2004
Next year is going to be a grim one. And while there may be hope for the future, expect to see more terror attacks in the months to come.

Article: Rocking the Casbah, 12 Dec 2004
A few Muslim feminists are out there on the fringe, defying death threats to fight for change. They're also creating space for moderate reformers to be heard.

Shadowland: No Way Out?, 18 Nov 2004
Iraq can't defend itself if U.S. troops leave. That's why no one should believe White House promises to bring the soldiers home soon.

Shadowland: Make or Break, 9 Nov 2004
Finally, a man with a plan for a political settlement in Iraq: take it apart and put it back together. But will his boss, or the Bush administration, listen?

Web article: "Cher George", 4 Nov 2004
Outside the U.S., Bush's win is forcing a rethink of conventional wisdom about Americans and what the president might do with his mandate.

Shadowland: Malign Neglect, 28 Oct 2004
Both Bush and Kerry blame Arafat for the mess in the Mideast. If the Palestinian leader is suddenly out of the picture, both candidates will have to come up with real policies, not just transparent appeals to Jewish voters.

Shadowland: The Executioner's Song, 20 Oct 2004
With just a small support base, Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi used the Web to build himself up into a mythical jihadist. Will he be captured or killed in time to help Bush win re-election?

Article: Cash From Chaos, 17 Oct 2004
It was hoped the Iraq invasion would secure a key oil patch and eventually spread freedom. But guess who's getting rich?

Shadowland: Dangerous Loose Ends 13 October 2004
The doctrine of pre-emptive war somehow turned Washington into global thought police. But while the administration speculates about Saddam's intentions, the real threat posed by his weapons program is still growing.

Shadowland: To Have and to Hold 7 October 2004
American forces say they have finally taken Samarra. Now the problem will be keeping control of 'captured' territory—and whether the blood spilled will be worth it

Shadowland: Freedom's Just Another Word, 29 Sep 2004
Looking ahead to four more years of snatching defeat from victory in Iraq.

Shadowland: 20-20 Foresight, 21 Sep 2004
Iraq is headed toward civil war. What happens if an administration that refused to recognize important risks in the past continues to set the agenda for the future?

Shadowland: Poisoning Patriotism, 7 Sep 2004
The dean of American historians, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., fires a broadside at the Bush administration.

Shadowland: Frequently Unasked Questions
How do we know when the war on terror is over? Why have our early victories become so much less than the sum of their parts? And why isn't Kerry pressing for answers?

Unearthing The Bible
Sacred relics lie scattered beneath the deserts of the Middle East. In Iraq, our religious history is being obliterated; in Israel, it's a question of faith.

Shadowland: Italy's Sleeper Cells
The threat of an Al Qaeda attack there is real -- and growing

Shadowland: Buyer Beware
Ahmad Chalabi is treated like a scapegoat by the Bush administration. But as Washington pushes him away, Tehran appears happy to receive him.

Shadowland A Clockwork Orange Alert?
The timing of the arrests in Pakistan and the alerts in the United States continue to raise questions about the politics of terror

Shadowland: October Surprises
Conspiracy theories aside, the weeks before the American election are likely to be very dangerous in Iraq.

Shadowland: Hizzoner the Mayor
One of the many fathers of the Iraqi atomic bomb (almost) has the job of restoring Baghdad to greatness as a world capital

The Chirac Doctrine
France gives the nod to Turkish membership in the European Union. What is Paris up to?

Shadowland: Politics, Iraqi Style
The new government may be blustering and brutal. But at least it's focusing on the issues that matter

Shadowland: The Saddam Files (II): Sickening Cynicism
The new Iraqi government is learning from the White House. When it talks about the rule of law, it really means the rule of lawyers

The Middle East: The Cash Haven
Arab markets are booming, and financiers say the money is coming home from post-9-11 America

Shadowland: Dictator-in-Waiting?
Iraq's new prime minister will do whatever needs doing to impose order on the current chaos. Let's not pretend he's a nascent democrat

Shadowland: The Saddam Files (I)
Is there credible evidence tying Hussein to 9/11? Absolutely not. Were there good reasons to worry about his links to radical Islamists. Yes, indeed.

Shadowland: Tracking Terror
For most Americans, the 9/11 attacks came out of the blue. But the commission's report shows that the threat was right in front of their eyes for almost a decade.

Egypt: Key to the Mideast
If the G8 nations really want to spread reform throughout the region, they should look first to Cairo

Shadowland: Shock Therapy Bush finally seems to have come to his senses about co-operating with the United Nations. But will the lucidity last?

Shadowland: The Last Roll Call
American soldiers in Iraq have been put in the wrong place at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. But like any G.I. Joe in World War II, they're making the best of a bad situation

The Wars Through Arab Eyes
The 'road to Jerusalem'-- and Mideast peace -- was supposed to lead through Baghdad. But now Arabs see two occupations: one Israeli, one American. Written with Josh Hammer and Richard Wolffe.

The Rise and Fall of Chalabi: Bush's Mr. Wrong
Ahmad Chalabi may go down as one of the great con men of history. But his powerful American friends are on the defensive now, and Chalabi himself is under attack. (I made a fairly minor contribution to this story, mostly arguing that Chalabi is being blamed for precisely those attributes that originally made him so attractive to the Bush administration.)

'But You Don't Fall Down'
Iraq. EU expansion. Transatlantic rift. Romano Prodi has been in the midst of it. His hopes and fears for the future

Shadowland: From Eden to Armageddon
Jordan's King Abdullah may be one of the few voices of reason that George W. Bush really hears

Shadowland: The Iraqi Horror Picture Show
Managing information and uncovering facts are two very different things

Shadowland: Points of No Return
The Bush administration's decisions in the Middle East are as irreversible as they are disastrous. But being president means never having to say you're sorry

Another Kind of Warrior
Saudi television personality Rania al-Baz was beaten unconscious. Then she did the unthinkable: she spoke out

Shadowland: Acting Local, Impacting Global
No conflict that touches on Israel or Islam can be contained any longer in one country or one region

Shadowland: Indecent Interval
It won't be enough to declare victory and pull out of Iraq, and a solution to this crisis won't wait for the U.S. elections. It's time for Kerry and Bush to talk.

Shadowland: Talking Points
Raw force won't end the Shiite rebellion. Negotiations might

Has the War Made Us Safer?
New Threats: Iraq has become a savage battleground --  part of the world's first global insurgency. Time is running short to fix that.

New York Times Book Review: "In the Company of Soldiers"

Shadowland: How (Not) to Win
Richard Clarke's new book is about more than the Bush administration's handling of 9/11. It offers a thoughtful guide to the nuts and bolts of eliminating terrorists -- and an antidote to the assumption that extremist violence is inevitable

From 9/11 to 3/11
Coordinated bomb attacks in Spain -- a stalwart American ally -- kill 200 people on passenger trains and raise new fears of Qaeda-style terror assaults.

Shadowland: Blood and Money
In Libya and Iraq, Washington set out to teach terrorists a lesson. It should have learned

France: The Return of Hate
Anti-Semitism, fueled by an angry minority, is on the rise. But the real problem is that no one seems to care. [Reporting by Marie Valla and Eric Pape made this story especially strong.]

Shadowland: The Shadow of a Doubt
Were the Libyans really behind Lockerbie? It's possible we'll never know—and that's the kind of terror that can haunt us saforever. [The first of two columns on Lockerbie.]

Iraq: Shiites Unbound
George H.W. Bush feared the rise of Shiite power in Iraq, and worried that civil war would shatter the country. That's why he didn't topple Saddam. So what has changed? [The opening scene takes place at the precise site where suicide bombers struck a few days later. In the international editions of Newsweek, the latter half of this story had a different focus.]

The Master Operator
You might think Ahmad Chalabi is discredited and despised. But he's still growing more powerful.

Shadowland: A (Terrorist's) Letter from Iraq.
The so-called Zarqawi Memo may or may not be genuine, but it's a revealing picture of Iraq right now

Shadowland: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Why it made sense to threaten unilateral war in Iraq, but not to wage it

Shadowland: Tinker, Tailor, Jurist, Spy.
When it came to invading Iraq there were none so blind as those who would not see.

Shadowland: Dick Cheney in the Hot Seat.
The Vice President may want to talk about the war on terror. But Davos wants to hear about Middle East peace.

The Iraq Effect. The war may have sparked some positive changes in the region, but a genuine transformation still looks to be elusive.

Shadowland: Learning from the Pros.
Old enemies talk about Washington's new wars.

Shadowland:The Year of Living Obliviously.
How long will reporting on Iraq be worth the risks?

2003 and before
Shadowland: Saddam's Mojo.
The capture of the dictator is a milestone, but it hasn't generated the shock and awe that the White House would have liked.

Trying Iraq's War Crimes.
The reckoning: The Americans want to get good intelligence from Saddam. Many Iraqis want to kill him. In the end, nothing will be more crucial than to air the whole truth about his atrocities.

Iraq's Mr. Cellophane.
Mowaffak Al-Rubaie: Soft-spoken, bespectacled and courtly, this member of the Iraqi Governing Council once served as the international spokesman for a feared terrorist group. Now he's a key player in the New Iraq.

Terror's Mastermind.
It is true, as Rumsfeld said, that no 'metrics' exist to weigh the power of terrorists, but the available indicators point to bin Laden's No. 2 [From the special edition of Newsweek: Issues 2004]

Firebombings: From My Father's Wars to Mine. Lecture at Clemson University, Nov. 19, 2003.

Shadowland: The Politics of  Indignity. When proud people feel like afterthoughts they get angry, whether in restive Iraq or rural America. And some get violent.

Shadowland: Common Sense.
Resistance to the Patriot Act is growing in the American heartland

Shadowland: The Last Crusades.
Al Qaeda hurt its own cause this week. But the United States won't be able to take advantage.

Shadowland: Lessons of History.
War can never be democratic. The danger of winning in Iraq could be losing in America

Shadowland: The Hit List.
Iraq's best and brightest are among the first targeted by a growing resistance

Three Newsmen of the Apocalypse.
From the New York Times Book review.

Death of a Princess
Conspiracy theories tell us more about the people who believe in them than about the conspiracies themselves

Shadowland: Countdown Iran.
The United States finally won a diplomatic victory in the United Nations. But Washington and Tehran are moving toward war. How far will they go?

Jews of Baghdad.
Jews have lived in Iraq for nearly 3,000 years. That era is coming to an end.

Shadowland: Show Me the Money.
Some things are getting better in Baghdad. But American needs and American greed are still a major problem

Something in a lighter vein: a note on Patricia Schultz's wonderful new travel book, "1,000 Places to See Before You Die."

Shadowland: War by the Numbers.
The United States may spend a billion dollars to find phantom weapons. What about laying to rest the ghosts of Iraqi civilians?

The Shadowland Archive.
A list of Shadowlands, and (in some cases) live links from before, during and immediately after "major combat operations."

Is France Right?
Jacques Chirac was mocked when he tried to stop the war with Iraq. Today the French position looks prescient.

Surrender Monkeys - Not.
The NATO supreme commander speaks out.

Shadowland: When Victory Was Ours
Nine months ago, Saddam Hussein was contained and Al Qaeda was on the run. But that just wasn't enough for the Bush administration. No wonder readers are upset

Shadowland: Pride and Prejudices.
Why Americans make up conspiray theories to justify the disaster in Iraq.

Newsweek Web Exclusive: T Is for Terror 9 July 2003
A mad bomber who stalked Los Angeles in the ’70s could be the poster boy for the kind of terrorist the FBI fears today.

Rethinking Islam.
One key lesson from September 11: the United States should be wary of manipulating Islamic forces to advance its strategic interests

Shadowland: For Whom the Bell Tolls.
The story of the war in Iraq can be read in America's hometown papers.

Shadowland: We Have Ways of Making You Talk.
The United States figures it can get plenty out of the newly captured Chemical Ali. But how? And are these 'interrogation' techniques being readied for American citizens?

Shadowland: Darkness Visible.
Multiply the blackout by months, and what you'd have is Iraq

Tuning In, Turning On.
A collaborative piece about they way young people from Baghdad to Rio take whatever technology they can get and make of it what they will.

Sexism in the Cites with Marie Valla.
France's Muslim women are sick of being treated as whores or homebodies. And some of them aren't going to take it anymore.

Shadowland: Roughest Region.
The real meaning of that imperial "we." Two versions of the same story about the House of Saud and the House of Bush:
From Newsweek International - The Kingdom and the Power
From the domestic Newsweek - Oiling the Relationship

Shadowland: Supporting the Troops.
Unhappy hours in America.

Iraq's (Most Precious) Most-Wanted.
Yes, priceless antiquities were stolen, and here they are.

Shadowland: Body Counts.
Uday, Qusay and Vietnam.

Shadowland: The Jackal Howls.
A new book by Carlos takes us from Communism to Al Qaeda.

One Billion Dollars a Week, and counting, in Iraq.

The Stranger in the Waste Land.
Iraq's art and culture after shock and awe, and the real reason Iraqis hate us. (A Web exclusive)

Shadowland: Most-Favored Terrorists?
What's behind the French arrests of Iranian freedom fighters?

Shadowland: Bunker Mentality.
Leg braces. Pulpy romance. A pink velvet bed. What's left in the rubble of Saddam's '305 Guest House'

Shadowland: The Great Pretenders.
An heir to the throne in Iraq and the American who's actually on it.

Letter from Paris.
Savoring a summer scandal.

With most of the shooting stopped and Iraq occupied, the facts that justified war are not so clear, nor even present.

Shadowland in Londonistan.

Banker, Schmoozer, Spy.
To his American friends, Ahmad Chalabi is a democrat and a paragon of Iraqi patriotism. To his enemies, he's a crook. Does he have the stuff to reshape Iraq? A NEWSWEEK investigation.

The Rage Next Time.
While Americans see victories in Iraq, Arabs and Muslims see mostly victims

Saddam's Bunkers.
And an insight into his mentality. Co-authored with Stefan Theil.

Once More Unto Iraq.
The Boston University Alumni Magazine asked me to write about my experiences leading up to the war. The article was finished at the end of January and published the end of March.

From "Issues 2003": "The Mideast After Saddam,"
an antidote to apocalyptic optimism.

In 2002, Senator Byrd took on Secretary Rumsfeld using the Newsweek article "How Saddam Happened" as his point of departure. Then he put the whole thing, with a lot of supporting documentation, into the Congressional Record.

From September 11, 2001:
"Who's the Mastermind?"
Most articles are stored in the Newsweek archives, available through the current Newsweek home page.

In a very different vein, "I Love My Glowbunny" , written for Wired, has been anthologized in "The Best American Science Writing 2002" .

Recently discovered on the Web: Chris's 1975 review of Venus on the Half-Shell.

In Wired :
Air Power in the August 2001 issue. A German pneumatics firm called Festo is pulling the piston out of the industrial age. Next up: Reinvent shock absorbers, scooters, and aircraft design, then build an inflatable castle in the sky.

"I Love My Glowbunny" in the April 2000 issue of Wired Magazine is the controversial history of a transgenic rabbit created by science and claimed by art. The original title was better: "In Vitro Veritas." This piece was selected for an anthology on the best science writing of the year.

In Portuguese, too:

Go-To: Paris . Written in the Spring of 2000 on the eve of the dot-crash, it's all about nostalgia now.

And in Cigar Aficionado "The Green Goddess."
Absinthe was once said to give genius to those who had none, and take it from those who did. A first-hand report. The article appeared in the March/April 2001 issue of Cigar Aficionado .

"The Generation Gap," about the road show for Summer of Deliverance , and the people encountered along the way, appeared in the November/December 1999 editon.

New York Times Reviews -- "No Lawyers Allowed," a review of John Grisham's novel, A Painted House , appeared in the March 4 issue of  The New York Times Book Review. The problem with this sentimental tale about coming of age in Arkansas cotton country is not the lack of attorneys, it's the total absence of African-Americans. (May not be available unless you have registered previously with the Times.)

A review of "The Beat Hotel" in the December 10 NYT Book Review may require registration to read, but is still on line. (A friend passed on this interesting link to James Dickey's 1961 review of Allen Ginsberg's "Kaddish." ) Also, reviews of "The War Journal of Major Damon 'Rocky' Gause," "River of Darkness," by Rennie Airth , and "Triage," by Scott Anderson.

Plus some ancient history
Christopher's Washington Post articles, including those from Central America and the Middle East in the 1980s, are now available through the paper's news library service.